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  1. Oh there is 1way, 1.5 and 2way. Ok thanks for the heads up.
  2. So my best option would comparing oem prices to nismo from what I understand. Oh so I can look up r32 and r33 oem diff to put in my 32 is what you're saying? Neat! What do you mean clunk fest?
  3. Welcome!
  4. Do you hear the car trying to start? Like I mean electricity going through the spark plugs? Had the same start problem on my dad's old civic and all we had to do was to clean the battery connections and it started up fine after.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Can one of you tell me what's the name of the oem one as I can't find anything right now. I keep finding gtst rear diffs for some reason. As for the nismo set, like the one on nengun? I can't find where it says r32 GTR compatible tho. https://www.nengun.com/nismo/gt-lsd-pro
  6. R32 GTR welded rear diff My rear diff is welded. If I want to get rid of it what is the best course of action? Not saying I will asit doesn't really bother me. I just want to see options and price here. - buy oem parts and Bring it back to what it was from the factory? or - buy aftermarket because there's better stuff out there? And what do you guys recommend? Car is basically stock and is pretty much only used to have fun on backroads on the weekend. Cheers!
  7. Hello there. Welcome aboard.
  8. hey welcome!! Where I live if I hit the wildlife I'm dead. A moose is gonna wreck more then just the intercooler
  9. Hey all. I took care of it this afternoon with the help of my girlfriend. She's a lot smaller then me so I didn't have to cram myself in the back of the GTR lol. here are some pics likes I've said. It looked nice from the outside but inside it made the interior dark and I also found that at intersections it made it harder to see onvoming traffic coming from the left side. With the help of a razor blade and hot soapy water my girlfriend was able to strip part of the paint/plastic thing. Slowly it came off. It left some weird sticky residue at some places. With some more soapy water, the razor blade easily took off everything and legt the window nice and clean. This is what was on the window. It came off as long strips. Almost like plasty-dip but rather then rubber, it was plastic. My gf thinks that someone painted over a window tint.
  10. Like you've mentionned I want to avoid paint stripper at all cost as if I spill some or get it on the plastic and seats it could damage things. As for the tool to hold the razor blade I never thought of that I'll have to go buy these things at my local hardware store this weekend. I'll try to do it this weekend and snap some pictures if some people are interested.
  11. Cool thread. Here is mine, it was color changed before I bought it, so never knew the original color. BNR32214386 Cheers!
  12. R32 gtr glass Rather then tinting the rear quarter windows a previous owner painted them black instead. I want to use soapy water and a razor blade to scrub it all off like the wikihow on how to clean glass but I don't want to damage the window either. Was there a factory tint of some sort or fragile glass that was used or any special thing i need to be aware of? Mines a '91 if that changed anything. Cheers!
  13. Oh my. Australian regulation seems hella strick. where I livr I could have a V12 swap in in and they wouldn't care.
  14. Switch my 2003 civic for a 2011 bmw. Never should of. Civic > bmw anyday. Germans make good cars, but when you by a 3k$ warranty from a used car dealership and they tell you that if anything need fixing they'll fix it with oem parts but when you need something fixed they cheap out on it. I'm still pissed off.
  15. Oh a N/A skyline. Even a gts is sexy. Damn I love R32 skylines. Doubt I'll ever see one where I live as people only ever inported the turbo ones. Cheers!