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  1. M8 everybody knows the r33 gtr is better then the r32 gtr. just like the 2jz being better then the rb26, we just don't want to admit it.
  2. To each there own. The r32 gtst and gtr looks nice be it sedan or coupe. The r33 needs to be a s2 revision to be nice. Be it sedan or coupe. It looks like a long car and i like that. Kinda like toyota long GT cars like the soarer. The r33 GTR looks really nice. The r34 sedan looks like trash. GTT coupe and GTR are boxy and good looking. Lets not talk about the other base models, they trash in my eyes. I dont see why someone would pay the skyline tax or crappy non turbo skyline models. I live in canada so import fees might be considerably more then yall in Australia tho. Only non turbo thats ok in my books is the non turbo r34 that looks like a GTT. Prime candidate for an engine swap.
  3. Cause it's really round and looks huge even if it isn't. the early model r33 are ugly. The series 2 are quite nice in my opinion.
  4. Now to make it short, I'm canadian and I'm trying to figure out what is the agreed upon value of r32 GTRs in general (bad shape, decent shape, mint shape). Obviously there's no concrete answer to such thing because every single r32 GTR is quite different. Now what I don't understand is how the r32 GTR became worth north of 35k$ pretty much every market I have checked (Europe, Australia, USA) and in canada i can still buy one for 17k$. A fully built exemple pushing 600whp is not even worth 30k$. The prices are steadily but very slowly increasing in canada. People are trying to sell them for more but nobody is buying at their higher prices so they just end up selling to the states and getting way more then they could hope to get in Canada. I don't exactly know what the reason is but it seems to be that 1) They have always been dirt cheap until very recently in Canada so people don't give a damn anout them. (In 2008-09 a 10/10mint exemple was worth 15k$. Beat ones went as low as 4k$.) 2) The R34 seems to have taken all the place. Everyone wants an R34 and nobody gives a damn about R32 and R33s. Guessing Fast n Furious is to blame on that one. So, What made R32 skyrocket into outter space in Australia?
  5. Yeah bov may make a big impact. My GTR had the same issue and after swapping back to oem bov recirculating setup it was way better.
  6. Oh boy here we go. So let's pick it up where this thread ended. Summer 2017 : The oil pressure dropped drastically on my way to the tuner. Tuner checked the oil pressure sensor and gauge and everything was working fine. Basically confirming that oil pump failed. It didn't crack or anything but failed to deliver a satisfying oil pressure. End of summer 2017 : I decided to not get the block rebuild or even opened. I'm confident I didn't need to since the oil pump failed just before I got to the tuner. I never beat on the car and always took great care of it so I didn't see any point. Engine going to come out for new oil pump sowhile I'm at it I decided to buy a few other maintenance things. Car also got towed to a guy I know that works a bit on skylines. - New N1 oil pump, New OEM water pump, New timing belt and pully kit, and some new door window trim. Winter 2017/2018 : Engine got removed. All new parts got put back in. I also remebered that the power steering pump was leaking quite badly so I ordered a new set of steering pump seals online. Old oil pump. Don't know what caused it to fail. Winter 2018 : Guy I know was about to finish putting everything on the engine when he got hit by the oil pan. No clue how he managed that but it hit his eye pretty badly. Had to get it eye removed and replaced by a glass one. At least it wasn't his good eye, he already had lost 100% of his vision in that eye from an old accident he got in his youth. This obviously caused some delays. June : Got the car back. As I was driving it back home there was some odd metal grinding noise that I could faintly hear. I droped the car off at a mechanic specialised in JDM cars really close to where I live. funny thing is, it's my mom that found the garage. Out of all people! Anyways, talked to the dude at the garage and ends up he's from New Zealand and worked on import cars over there. He checked the car out fearing it was the front diff that was making the grinding noise he got it on a lift. and well, let the nonsense begin. Front and rear cambers arms were shot. Coilovers didn't have the locking retainers things, I had no rear subframe bushings, they were like rubber floor mats it looked like, an ATESSA oil leak, HICAS was fully removed, but no lock out bar was there. I thought I had HICAS but turns out it was just the rear wheels doing whatever the F they wanted. At least the front diff was fine, it was just the front wheel holding on by only one bolt. Coulda lost the damn wheel! Weird is I didn't feel it in the steering at all. Seeing how messed up the underside of the car was I asked him to take a look inside the engine bay. I've never seen a mechanic so confused before but turns out it's a KA24E rad I had inside the car and not an RB26 one (For you aussies out there, in Canada/USA the 180sx/silvia are called 240sx and they had a shitty 2.4L truck engine making like 150hp inside of them rather then the sweet sr20det). So the car needed a lot of work done to it, so I left it there. June/July : Unfortunatly I don't have any pictures because I was gone for 1.5months for work while the car was being fixed. Here are all the things that got done to the car. - ATESSA oil leak fixed. I was just a gasket. - Headlights finally worked properly. New wiring was done. - Got a horn installed because it didn't have one. 240sx horn FTW!. - Inhouse custom rb26 rad. It's legit 4 times wider then the other one I had in the car. - Front and rear camber arms replaced by non Ebay shit. - New brakes all around - Removed the vent to atmosphere BOV and got it back to factory recirculating one. - Fully refreshed rear diff. (it was welded before) - Brand new Tein fully adjustable Street Z coilovers on all 4 corners. It's so comfy now, I love it. - Got 1 MAF changed. - Probably forgetting some other stuff, but can't remeber everything. August : The car drove so much better then before but still burnt stupid rich so it was time to get it tuned. Busy with work, I wasn't able to go to the tuner myself so I got the JDM expert guy to get it tuned for me. Which was a really good idea before theres even more confusing shit in this car. To list a few : - Jammed in wide open position boost controller. Car ran at 25psi on the first dyno pull... on what we thought was stock turbos. - Ends up I have a RB20DET computer inside the rb26 computer case. Been told the tuner was confused AF when nothing he was trying to tweak was working. Ends up 1MAF was completely ignored. Got it changed to a rb26 computer. - A bunch of vacuum lines had to be redone. - On the plus side, ends up I have GT2860-5 turbos in the car and a really healthy rb26 that shows signs of a full rebuild/refresh not too long ago. So all in all the car is almost completely done and is supposed to drive like a dream. I'll see for myself today, I'm picking the car up this afternoon. There are still a few things expensive things to get fixed next year, but for now it's enough. So all in all this car is an expensive pain in the arse but I love it and should like it even more now that it's fully tuned. CHEERS!
  7. 3rd gear was for a feeler at first Yeah i can do that, but I don't have many pics since it was at the shop and I've been way busy working.
  8. I'm backkkkkkkkk! 10k$ later. Finally it works and it got tuned at 356rwhp at 15psi. Boooya. Ends up I don't stock turbos cause first dyno pull got me 429rwhp in 3rd gear at 25psi lol (manual boost controller was stuck in wide open position) if anybody is interested in the whole year of nonsense with this car I can share.
  9. 1991 GTR - stock RB26DETT (shows signs of a refresh but can't confirm) - gt2860-5 twin turbos - stock injectors - HKS green mushroom intake - 3in exhaust line - HKS down pipe Safe tuned at 356rwhp at 15psi. (i will eventually upload the dyno curve once I get it by email)
  10. Hey yall, I'll keep it short n sweet. My r32GTR powersteering pump seals are bad and it leaks quite a bit (Only when the car is warm is seems though). I've done some research and only found new replacement seal kits such as this one : http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/power-steering-pump-seal-suit-nissan-skyline-081989-121990-p-1899.html Are there any other options you guys are aware of? (Aftermarket, refurbished)?
  11. Don't know if it's been mentionned somewhere here before, but oh man, it's really happening https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1113988_make-your-skyline-gt-r-look-like-new-with-nismo-heritage-parts Going to take a while before parts become available on canadian/US websites, but you aussies should have less wait time.
  12. Can confirm R32 GTR has the 180km cluster. for the others, I don't know.
  13. I'd be guessing same as all the other skylines. All oils gonna need a change just to be sure (gearbox, diffs, engine, etc), check brake lines, check leaks, check if the auto or manual tranny does it's job, etc. nothing really different then any other car other then keep in mind it probably got beat on by the previous owners like any sports car. Altough I don't know the r34's specific problems since we don't have some where I live and never will we ever get any sadly.
  14. Coming from a guy that knows nothing about turbochargers other then it's the reason my sky goes fast, what's the big hype on this? Educate me plisss
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