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  1. R33 English owner's manual, brand new. R33 owner's manual from JPNZ manuals, literally arrived today but not needed as I'm not buying an R33 anymore. Contains everything you'd expect including logbooks and servicing guides. Cool thing to have in your glovebox. Located in melbourne but can post at buyers expense. Cost $80 to my door , $50 for anyone here. thanks
  2. Even learning on it if it's a decent twin plate I don't think he's going to destroy it
  3. Looks mint, can you pm me what it cost if you don't want to post here?
  4. Hey mate, which price is current, this one or the carsales one ?
  5. Don't sell man! I enjoy this thread and am picking up a silver s2 gtst next week [emoji4] Also just out of interest, was your engine bay resprayed ? Either I'm blind or there's no blue build plate on the firewall
  6. yep it has the manual console and its a series 2 r33 gearbox in it to match the chassis and engine. clutch was just replaced with a competition twin plate one for potential power mods in the future. thanks boys!
  7. Update : Can confirm it was originally an auto that was converted when it got to Aus. Not too fussed but curious to see what you guys think.
  8. Currently looking at a clean series 2 GTST I am quite happy with. Drives nicely and everything works well, no rust etc. The car is a manual but I went home and checked the chassis number on Nissan fast for peace of mind and it says it was built as an auto. Everything else checks out r.e paint code etc Everything in the car works as intended so I imagine the wiring has been done properly during the conversion. Shifting is smooth and theres no strange noises. The car was bought by the owner a few months ago as a manual and was previously owned by the same guy for many years who had it imported sometime in the mid 00s. so I dont think the current owner is aware, I've notified him but wondering if the conversion could pose any issues in the future? Or is there now no meaningful difference from a factory manual car? It shifts better than all the factory manuals I drove... Everything else is great so would suck to have to find another as well sorted. thanks guys. Edit: I'll also mention that the car facts report I got from car sales states it is a manual as well, so maybe at some point after the first owner imported it , it could have been converted ? I'll also get a shot of the build plate to confirm how it left the factory
  9. no wiring, been removed to tidy things up. makes sense guys , cheers!
  10. Aerial on front bumper? series 2 gtst I know some cars from japan have this but Ive never seen it on a skyline. Would this be aftermarket or factory option maybe? Radio works fine.
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