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  1. Yellow is the best. My wife thinks not but I like it 🤣
  2. Never seen a green one
  3. I just thought he would be looking at the best ones. C34
  4. Yes the 4 pistons from skylines fit and work better
  5. And the water gets on foam under the mirror and they start to rust there it’s pretty common. I should read what I type before posting
  6. I most I have Put in was 58 litres And the watergate refs on foam order the mirror and they rust there it’s pretty common
  7. 1-Check for rust under the mirrors 2-Parts are easy to get 3-Stagea brakes are a let down but most have a 4 spot Nissan upgrade 4-fuel mileage isn’t that bad I average 400-450 per tank 5-much bigger than a commodore wagon. ( and cooler )
  8. What’s wrong with yours
  9. I’ve been having the same issue some pics show up others don’t but when you go to web view they are all there
  10. Hi I’m selling my series 2 auto stagea dayz has tein coil overs 18x9 rims GTST 4 piston front brakes Yaris coil conversion other than that pretty standard only selling because another car has come up that I wanted when I got this one has about 110,000 kms on it I have more pictures if you want them. Has roof racks. I have a frontmount that isn’t installed yet that can come with it for the full price $8999 Has rego for a few months but will be supplied with a pink slip on sales
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