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  1. Im in the process of ordering a intercooler from plazmaman, going to clean out all the piping then. The car should have stock oil restrictors. Bought a set just in case. The nismo catch can, is recirculated back into the oil pan via the oil return line on the rear turbo.
  2. Oil in intake Currently running R34 N1 turbos AA403, noticed some oil in the intake, though I have already installed a nismo catch can. More than likely the front seals I just ordered some .8mm restrictors. But whats the chances of there being oil in my intercooler and it's blowing back into my intake via the bov recirculation?
  3. I'm running VP C9 fuel which is 100ron, which is not going to make -7 produce like -5. Though I should be getting retuned on a haltech in the near future I will post results with more data boost, afrs and timing.
  4. I'm not being contradictory I'm stating facts the Garrett plates on the turbos are 14411-AA403, now what the car is producing powerwise and what I am seeing full boost at is not what they should be. I will try to post some pics of the plates on the turbos. There is a slight lope at idle, not enough to be super large cams.
  5. No matter the difference in dynos. My turbos are not that responsive low end like a -7 should be not seeing full boost until 5500 range. The gtx2860/2863 should spool up around the same, as my current setup?
  6. It was on a dynocom 5000FX, which is a AWD Dyno. Though all the pulls where made in RWD. You can see the engine HP/TQ at the bottom of the graph. 609hp /453tq
  7. I'm looking for a little better response with power around 600-650hp range.
  8. Would the gtx2860 CHRA fit my R34 compressor housing?
  9. I know it would be easier, though I already have a lot invested in a twin turbo setup. Tomei Manifolds, HPI elbows,Mines downpipe and hks Intercooler piping.
  10. Which should I go with GTX2863, 2530, or 2860-5 Before I have my r32 tuned on a haltech, I want to install new turbos. My goal is 600-650hp. Currently making 530hp on R34N1 turbos. Cant decide between gtx2863,2530 or 2860-5. Current setup [email protected] 2.8l (supposedly tomei stroker) tomei cams tomei manifolds nismo intake manifold 700cc injectors nismo fpr/pump N1 oil pump and water pump R34 N1 (AA403) turbos hpi elbows mines frontpipe Decat HKS exhaust tomei ecu
  11. I don't know which cams they are, when the car was listed for sale in Japan. It stated tomei 2.8l stroker kit with tomei poncams with cams gears. Though the tomei ecu causes the afr to drop into the 10s underfull boost. Going to switch to a platinum pro. I expected quicker spool with the N1s, might get better numbers with timing adjustment.
  12. The plates on the turbos were 14411-AA403. I didn't think it would put down those numbers either, but the car put down 495hp on the first run and then we turned up the boost just a little more.
  13. R32 GTR [email protected] 2.8l (supposedly) tomei cams tomei manifolds 700cc injectors nismo fpr/pump R34 N1 (AA403) turbos hpi elbows mines frontpipe Decat HKS exhaust tomei ecu
  14. I do have a haltech platinum pro not yet installed, just don't know how much improvement it will make powerwise other than better afrs. Was tempted returning the haltech until I saw the afrs that low.