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  1. OHH34skyline

    Thanks guys! Ill get onto those project threads and then go from there
  2. OHH34skyline

    No turboing it
  3. OHH34skyline

    Yeah like building it into a de+t, but doimg it properly..i cant see anything wrong with it
  4. OHH34skyline

    Is there anything wrong with building an n/a rb25 neo?
  5. OHH34skyline

    Ohhh cheers mate
  6. OHH34skyline

    I bought it privately and what is dotras?
  7. OHH34skyline

    Compliance Hi guys, im new here and new to the 34 life. Just recently bought a r34 coupe na (because im a p plater) but theres no complience plate or import tag or anything? It doesnt even have a vin plate thats australian...its all japanese? How can i get a plate or is it to late for the car as i dont know when it was brought to australia? Cheers