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  1. Not at the moment, just looking to get her back on the road.
  2. Only photo I currently have of her, will post more once I move her into a better location.
  3. I have got it running and able to rev, however it now has smoke coming from the passenger side of the block after running for a while. The joys of an old car.
  4. 1982 R30 Engine problems Recently got a R30 Skyline which had been sitting for a while, after some minor work got the engine started but it will not continue to run if any throttle input is maintained, not sure if I need to leave it to run for a while before trying. Someone please help me, engine is a L24E.
  5. Aussie R30 Owner Hi, I'm an Australian Nissan Skyline R30 owner. I recently got the car which needs some work and restoration done.
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