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  1. Hey man! It’s good, haven’t had a real issue since afm and fuel pump were replaced, how about you? :)
  2. All good man, hahah, I believe the mechanics told me before I got my regulator replaced that my fuel pump was fine and it was working, but I dunno as it’s showing signs that I’ve read about when it’s either dying or dead, so am going to replace that next week. Replaced afm tonight and took it out for a spin, felt more responsive and held revs a lot better, however I start my car 6:40 in the morning so will have to test that on the weekend to see if it’s made a difference, will let you know
  3. I’ll send you some pics where it is. I also had my mechanic do some tests and it didn’t get pressure at all, I’ll ask him what tests and crap he did. Also I was reading on another thread on here that some people have dyno’d there car to check fuel to air ratio and have found the problem to be fuel pump. I’ll link ya to it, also has a bunch of things you can try
  4. I’m not the only one hahaha! The next thing I’m checking is fuel pump seeing as my regulator was screwed, I’m hoping it’s my fuel pump, I have new 02 sensor and TPS sensor in it
  5. I’d love to say yes, but I have another issue where its losing power and then kicks back in, am trying another afm and seeing how it goes.
  6. Hey, just seeing if anyone around BRISBANE area is willing to help me with lending out a spare afm to see if mine is faulty, or if anyone has a cheap one in good condition for sale?
  7. Hey mate! Cleaned the iacv, also had a small vac leak on the std intercooler piping, but other than that it still struggles some mornings and still feels like it wants to stall, but I couldn’t find anything wrong in the wiring, even my mechanic couldn’t find anything.
  8. Sorry, yeah a S1, I’ll check, I’ve turned it over but just stalled twice and the third time I just revved it and it went normal
  9. Haha yeah my bad too tired. Okay I’ll keep fault finding
  10. True it wouldn’t be that. I’ll have a look at the relays, could a fuse also do it or nah?
  11. Yeah, I turn it back on and straight away is okay but then maybe 2 minutes in, it gets crappy and almosts cutouts again and sometimes will quickly
  12. Ahh okay, just weird how its just once or twice in the morning and then not again, got me thinking though.
  13. Aight, I have replaced the 02 sensor and TPS sensor, what should I be looking for as i have no idea? You've mentions ECCS
  14. f**k,I'll have a look, i know my battery went dead a month ago but fully charged it and didn't have an issue till now, will check when i get home
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