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  1. I ended up finding a seller in the States that offers a proven ball/spring bc as well so I ordered it right away. I appreciate you being willing to help me out though man! Mods can close this thread.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to get my hands on a manual boost controller from turbotech. I live in the states, so I'm unable to purchase one from eBay. I'm prepared to immediately send payment to anyone willing to buy one off of eBay for me to include shipping to the States + some cash on top for your trouble. Thanks!
  3. I'm just gonna deal with it. I wish I knew what kind of hardware I was running, but unfortunately I don't =l it drove fine before I took it to the dealer, so I'll just stay on top of irregularities from now on.
  4. The car is at the dealer on a lift right now, but I think what I really want to know is, can I daily the car without having a c clip for the right side flange? I don't drift, nor do I plan to. The car was obviously drifted/driven aggressively before it made it to the States, but I have no intentions of beating the car that way. Also, I drove the car as it was for 4 months before the technician at Nissan alerted me that I didn't have a c clip on the right side.
  5. No I really appreciate the response man. I have no idea which kind of 2-way I have on the car though. The car was imported to the US through a dealer that specializes in bringing in cars from Japan, so there's no way of knowing with diff is on the car at this point. But this is definitely a "stub" output shaft right?
  6. Turns out the c-clip wasn't the right size as this output shaft isn't oem. It's a 5-bolt stub axle output shaft similar to NA z32s and j30s. Can anyone help me ID this for sure?
  7. Thanks for the info. I believe I found the correct part number for the cir clip. Should be 39600F. It's used on various models including my GTS-T. Hopefully I'm right aha.
  8. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me. I'm in the US, and my R32 has been stuck at Nissan because my driver's side output shaft for my axle lacks a c-clamp, so the shaft ever so slightly comes out of my diff. My mechanic is having a hard time finding the right c-clamp to lock the output shaft into the diff. Do you know what compatible vehicles like a 300zx or S13 for instance have the same kind of output shaft that I can snag the correct c-clamp from? Here's a picture of my output shaft too for reference.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. We'll see what happens later this week.
  10. So even if I worked completely from the bottom and undid the 6 elbow bolts and undid the 2 bottom downpipe bolts to remove the assembly like that, it wouldn't work? Sorry if this is a rookie question. It took 3 hours just to remove the rusted cat and replace it with a decat last week, so I'm trying to make this downpipe install as smooth as possible aha.
  11. Quick question guys. I have a 92 GTS-T and I will be installing the JapSpeed bellmouth downpipe. I have access to a lift. Can I do this job completely under the car? Or will I at least need to undo the heat shield from overhead before moving to working under the car? I can see all 6 elbow bolts by the turbo from underneath the car, so I feel like I can do the install without having to remove the heat shield. Thanks!
  12. Sorry to double-post, but could one of these possibly be the low-side service port?
  13. A/C Recharge: 91 GTS-T Hey guys, I'm in the process of recharging my A/C, but I'm having trouble finding the low-side service port. Can anyone point me in the right direction of where it's located in the engine bay?