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  1. Yes the Auto ecu is in the main ecu, that’s why I thought the nistune can’t control it, too complicated! whereas in other models the auto ecu is seperate, so it just control the tranny as normal Operation and main ecu runs the engine?! this is what I always thought, was told by many and read too, even the nistune website says only manual! Maybe I misread! Hmmm Guess I didn’t have to convert to manual! Lol thanks for the info!
  2. Hey mate, it really depends on size the turbo, not sure what yours is? But would think 3-5mm should be fine?! most say -4an fittings, but I’m no mechanic, just what I’ve learned in forums. just have good drain for the oil! I Learnt hard way when I had my Vl RB30E+t, I just had some braided lines made up and bolted up to turbo! 😆 found out I needed a restrictor as was smoking like your photo! anyway seems like it was the breather! Hope all good!
  3. Just a thought about the smoke, could it be too much oil in turbo? Did you use restrictor in the feed line?
  4. Plugs are too cold for stock, should be Bcpr611 or similar! also are you sure the new coil packs are “new” I bought reconditioned Nissan coils and they were rubbish, caused misfiring, engine light and slip light! Stranded me at shops 🤨 Got refunded! Quick smart! check afm, timing, and use stock neo ecu! injectors should be fine if not Gtt ones just for driving off boost/low boost how did I go? 😀
  5. Hey, I’ve only read a page of this thread! but I was always under the understanding that Auto Det’s neo Ecu’s can’t run a nistune, as they don’t have shift logic!??, they can use piggy back to control fueling etc... an auto ecu will run a manual, therefore can run nistune! on the topic of the nistune ecu tuned to run 10psi! I would get it tuned quick! my 34 neo auto runs 10psi on stock tune because it has 3” exhaust! No back pressure! No other mods that I know off. It did come straight from Japan to dealer to me! So it may have had a tune?? But don’t think so! Also gets 10 psi at ~3000rpm as 2stageboost is grounded!
  6. Hey mate 👋 Thanks, cars in progress atm so no pics! will look for old photo!
  7. Yeah I replied many times, that the mold was for a different skirt! How could they make Bomex skirts then the last one is too small!? Not possible! He kept on saying he prefitted it on r34! anyway of course I searched for similar skirts online, I could only find a “cw” style skirt for 180sx. But then there’s the length! anyway I’m waiting to get his reply as to whether I get refund! thanks for the suggestion that it may be a rx7. Will have a search online, try to sell them! cheers just has a look at rx7, UWISSH you’re a legend! found them they are C West skirts, $700. thanks
  8. Hey, Wow thanks for the reply! Ok so I don’t actually mean the rim itself is the problem! The tyre is what hits the part just above the tyre! at 245/40/19. Think it’s called upright? Joins to the wishbone with bush! actually v35 forged rays rims! Which are +30 offset! 19x8” Anyway I’m thinking going 235/35 tyres might clear everything!
  9. Hey all im trying to fit 19” x8” +30 on my Gtt, though with 245/40’s they hit the suspension arm(can’t remember name) inner side of wheel! ive read Gtr have no problem with 19” rims. Is this because the hub protrudes further out than on a Gtt? Or is the arm longer? any help appreciated! also wound going to a235/35 tyre fit? thanks
  10. Hi people, I just bought some “Bomex skirts” for my r34 Gtt coupe! Which turns out they are not Bomex and not for my coupe! anyway seller says they are, and reckons mold was just too small?? Which I think how/what??When other skirts were made correctly! So I was just asking if anyone knows what they are for?? does anyone want to buy them? pics are skirts against my car cheers!
  11. Hi from Perth, love the car dude, colour and kit is awesome. i have the same front and skirts. need to fit bumper too. are those front guards Gtr style?
  12. Hey Guys/Gals Just wanted to say “hi” from Perth. i have a 98 ER34 coupe, AT GTT Plan’s are to modify engine, box, wheels and kits. Just wanted to talk with fellow members and know how many are in WA. also very keen to talk to other country people too. Trying to learn Japanese. Thank you
  13. Hi Mate, this is my first time commenting on SAU, though been a member for a while. i too have the er34 though coupe! Love what you did with the twins. if you don’t mind talking about it, I was wondering how you did the exhaust manis , as they have two ports wrong? did you custom make these? Or cut rotate weld. would you want to sell them? Cheers
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