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  1. 1st of all what size of door and parcel shelf speakers are the stock ones ? & what brands are people using any issues or recommendations to what to upgrade them with Thanks in advance Pic of my 34 for attention [emoji1303]
  2. Hi has any 1 changed there gear stick knob on a tiptronic box if so what did you use and any pics of fitted would be appreciated too thanks pic for attention
  3. Sorted now bought kinkstaah's transmission thanks for help people [emoji1320][emoji1306][emoji1317][emoji1303]
  4. Dude any chance you find out a shipping quote to mainland England uk for transmission the uk is crap for automatics I've tried a few big garages with no joy as of yet I don't need to sell my r34 I have a r35 gtr as my daily running phase 5 ecutek 650bhp so I don't need to use skyline much but the r34 was the dream so it has to be done some how very interested in your box now what does it come with ? Thanks for help appreciated [emoji1303]
  5. What is your setup and how much ha ?
  6. Running 1.3bar map around 500-550 approx thanks for help
  7. Emailed any 1 else you know of thanks for help👍🏻
  8. R34 gtt tiptronic transmision upgrade parts/kits tricks Hi can any 1 help ?point me in right direction? i have a r34 gtt tiptronic that is in need of a stronger transmission to handle more boost does any1 know of any kits or upgrade parts to make it stronger must stay a auto as I'm a paraplegic (wheelchair user) and can only drive on a automatic license the transmission is totally stock and has started to slip any information or help be massively appreciated thanks Ryan👍🏻