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  1. From what I've gathered s14/15 r33 r34 subframes slip in with no mods needed. Was told thw 350z would be a good upgrade aswell.
  2. I've been looking for subframe info aswell. The r34 takes s14/15 and r33 gtst with no mods. I've been told the 350z fits aswell and that it's a good upgrade, but haven't found that information online. Feel free to chip in.
  3. Been a long time since I've been on here and wanted to start getting back into skyline scene. I'm going to have to start by changing this stupid profile name i threw to start the account. I've tried to change it but can't. Anyone know how. While I've got a post up may aswell ask this question. Is there anyone who knows what subframes etc can be used on the r34 25 gtt. I bought a shell years ago ( non roller ) and wanted to look into making it a roller. Would like to know what models I can search for to purchase from. Thanks heaps
  4. R34 6 speed Can someone send me the gearbox ratio for the R34 6 speed.
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