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  1. Revisiting this one again... the seat rails you bought from Autotechnica... we’re they just the Universal seat slider? https://www.autotecnica.com.au/product/universal-seat-slider-to-suit-autotecnica-aftermarket-seats/ then bolt the universal slider to the crank adapter rail?
  2. Thanks. Thats the main aim, looking for something relatively stockish looking, that I can use with a harness at track days. this seems a good solution.
  3. Looks sweet! I’m keen to put these in my s15. How is the lateral support? Any good for track use do you think?
  4. I’ve seen this before... looks exactly like these photos
  5. Yes, METRO GTR quickest and fastest radial GTR in the world.
  6. Keep it! It’s not a lot of cash to be tied up and you’ll grow into the car. Track is where the fun is at!
  7. This... good advice! Do it once... do it right!
  8. I was there in my s15. Had a ball! So good to have a track day with no dramas. Second time running at Broadford. It’s an awesome track.
  9. Looking forward to it! Hopefully the weather is good. Last year at Broadford was awesome
  10. We use https://www.intellitrac.com.au/ at work. Very good service and pretty reasonably priced.
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