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  1. Chris, is your wheel bearing thats been on your wheel and working great purchased from CBC bearing as posted in your DIY thread?
  2. Update guys, I just asked suspension place how much it cost to replace my wheel bearing and was quoted $625 for supply of bearing, fit and alignment. Is that quite high or within the ballpark? It's been a while since I got anyone to serviced by anyone but myself.
  3. thanks, I thought in my head it might be a wheel bearing but wasnt 100% sure. Going to see how much the suspension shop is going to charge otherwise I'll take it down to my family mechanic to replace for me - driving the distance there is going to create some unbearable noises.
  4. I didnt know you can buy back from insurance company and the vehicle doesnt get recorded as a write-off-stat or repairable. If true, am interested pending your suspension checks you stated you are going to get done.
  5. Going to take car down to suspension specialist on Tues. I did jack up the car and tried to move wobbly the rear left and sure enough it did-wheel hub seems loose. Right side had no wobblys whatsoever. Put it into first and you can hear it vibrant and clunk.
  6. Makes the noise on smooth roads, bumps or not. So I think I can rule out the shocks? I am going to jack up the car from the diff, put it in neutral and spin the rear wheels to see if I can replicate the noise. If I cant, hopefully that can rule out the diff being shoot and allow me to focus on the freeplay I have in the rear left and movement in the driveshaft on the left that goes into the diff housing.
  7. Hi, Yes that's a r31 subframe I think-I was just using the pics as a reference to indicate the part that is moving. I had thought it was my coil overs as well so I checked them and they are bolted in fine. It clunks and what sounds like pots and pans banging each together which is why I'm asking if that is the sound a rooted diff makes. I'll try to go through a process of elimination by changing out the driveshaft first. Perhaps the noise is made by the wobbly rear left as when in motion, the noise increases which is understandable but I don't know why it would sound like metal-thumping and clinking yes but not sound of metal pots and pans. Thanks for everyone's opinions so far
  8. Thanks for that. Unlikely to be rooted diff? When I move slowly, it doesnt clunk. I recall my sister's mazda 2 had bad cv joint up front and it would only make noises when turning whilst with mine it mines it moving when moving. Anyways, I will remove the driveshaft and have it looked at. Thanks for the input
  9. Hi guys, Not long ago I started to hear some rear awful noises coming from the rear of my car - back left. I thought it was just the normal clunking from the welded diff I had put on there years ago. I decided to jack up the rear left and see if any wheel studs were loose but it wasnt, what I did notice was that I was able to wobble the wheel slightly even thought it was perfectly flat against the hub. So started to trying to move parts at the subframe to see if anything was lose. I discovered that I was able to push the rear left long black column that attached itself to the diff and rear hub left and right. I tried to do the same with the right side, but it wouldnt budge. I believe my rear left wheel's ability to rock slightly is related to that long column's freeplay. My question is can I just change this out and replace it or does it should like something else. At first, I thought perhaps my diff was stuffed - the noise when you drive gets louder and more unbearable like bolts/nuts being crushed - ie welded diff?? Or is my wheel bearing causing this, although Ive watched clips on youtube on wheel bearings being stuffed and mine doesnt make a humming sound it makes a clunking and clanking sound that increases with speed. Pleaes help. Attached the the long black coluum I am referring to. Thanks, Nozila
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