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  1. I have ordered new o2 sensor and coolant sensor, I get terrine fuel economy and a miss I'm idle so it's on its way out, and have ordered coolant temp sensor. I don't know for sure it's but the car never gets to operating temp on the dash dial. It sits a 8 o'clock sorta angle. What I read was that the coolant temp sensor can cause the huge regarding of the vct and running rich because it thinks the engine may be over hearing as sorta protective mode. I had intermittent check engine light when engine would ping hasn't pinged since new coil packs however. So from what I hear it is pre ignition will update once I install the new sensors holding for the best
  2. Hey guys I think I've found the problem ive got extreme regarding from the cas, or pre ignition and why my fuel economy is so bad as well I found that a dodgy coolant temp sensor can cause this on skyline owners forum
  3. It will drive fine when the car is completely cold and drives perfect for 10 mins im thinking between the o2 sensor and coolant tempo sensor throwing out the afr I also cleaned maf 3 weeks ago when I found the boost leak
  4. There's no boost leak sadly, I had a boost leak and fixed it car was running fine until the splitfires went in it hold boost fine as I said will go to red line, I'm really leaning towards a dud o2 sensor as it deals with load and I have terrible fuel economy
  5. Car is stock besides usual fmic, 3 inch pod
  6. I am thinking maybe fuel pump has had it but if I roll on slowly it will break up a little but will go to red line
  7. So I have replaced spark plugs, have splitfires and replaced coil pack harness but whenever I put a bit of load on the car it just breaks up, I'm thinking now to do o2 sensor as I get a misfire on idle, I replaced thermostat as it never comes up to temp but it must be the coolant temp sensor. Basically whenever I give it more than a qtr throttle it sounds like the fuel cut you get when traction control would kick in.
  8. Hey guys so here are the technical specs Rb25det series 2 neo manual Fmic Blitz pod 3 inch turbo back Splitfire coil packs Okay so the car runs fine for 10 mins and will come on boost fine and rev out though I only took it 5k as it was cold. This sputtering as if the traction control has come on the sound is like a limiter the same sound it makes when traction control comes on. Btw I leave traction co troll off because when it would turn on before it would cause knock and then the check engine light would come on. This problem has only occured after installing the splitfires. It happens no matter where in the rev range its just as soon as I got past vacuum and come on to positive pressure bit when it's cold it runs properly. The cars temperature gauge never comes up to halfway either I am replacing the thermostat not sure if this will fix it or if this is a coolant temp sensor. If anyone has I had a similar cutting of power and popcorn sounding noise, point me in the right direction otherwise off to the shop.
  9. Hey guys I've got a coolant leak and can't seem to see where it's coming from. It's right at the back of the motor and runs down the passenger side down the gearbox, was wondering if this a common issue or something to be concerned about. I've read that it's common for the turbo coolant line to leak but I've attached a photo if you could point me in the right direction would be awesome. cheers guys.
  10. zirbmail

    Not sure about the headlights though I have seen a lot of 'black aftermarket headlights online.