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  1. I work with these young dumb gunts that only care about fuel economy and homosexual cars.too many 18-25 year olds that refuse to get their licences because its too hard. Skylines and supras are, lit, fire, hot, and everytime I start my car I hear, dose it. I wish this world would blow up already.
  2. Don't waste your time or money, by the time you finish it You'll have forked out 5 times what the car is worth and it will be slow as shit. Just buy a shitbox and save for something that runs and is finished and go from there.
  3. R34 GTT genuine front bumper R34 GTT genuine left and right fender Color code BP9 Fenders have holes in them from flared screw on guards and front bumper has mouth cut bigger for intercooler $ 250 for both fenders $180 for front bumper Negotiable Pick up, Qld, upper coomera 4209 Message me on here or text me 0412914368
  4. Manual 360 kw at wheels Let me know if your interested
  5. You can buy mine. Midnight blue 360kw at wheels Manual Im in qld though gold coast. Heres some pics
  6. One as daily will be nice. Should hit 350kw in the v6 model........
  7. And that the newest engine you'll get is already 15 years old, a lot if people dont even realise that some of our favourite cars like the r32 gtr are already 27 ish years old!!! God damn dinosaurs
  8. Whats a 400kw torque plate? I dont build engines or machine things. Are there different kinds of torque plates for different power applications? Just curious thats all.
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