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  1. I saw this pic & was wondering if this is the next R35 GTR or is it just a computer render?
  2. I have posted this thread before but I got no replies.I want to get an r33 gtst and swap an rb26 dett engine for the rb25,and I need to know the specifics,like does the rb26 bolt to gts trans?ecu writeup for ecu conversion and other specifics. Please let me know if you can help!! jblinga
  3. R33 How easy is this swap and what are the specifics?(rb26 bolt up to gts trans/ecu write up for this conversion/new fuel pump/better cooling neededfor rb26)
  4. how much would it be to get a gt-r r33 w/ a blown/bad motor and then ship it to the u.s.?
  5. I was wondering if it is possible to convert a non gtr skyline (r33) to a gtr?If it is possible,how difficult is the undertaking? I live in the u.s. and I have a hookup on skyline motors from japan and hope to get a r33 from japan and do the engine swap/conversion here.
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