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  1. how long i should expect an rb30 short motor to take to be built in AUS and sent to the uk ? would waiting 2 years mean being ripped off, would this forum ban people if they were ripping people off ?
  2. got a time for the fastest then, the figure of 10.12 was mentioned yesterday ?
  3. there was this one of the next run http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e306/h16...t9secgtswmv.flv
  4. The early R32 GTR standard clutch will fit and is less aggressive than a twin or tripple plate
  5. i managed to get +25 on the front and +30 on the rear had to fit a ride height suspensinon pack and roll the arches as they rubbed like a b1tch , still stuck out some though just got it in for some JUN skirts and 400r arches
  6. i got a set of GT4's from these guys in the states 18/8.5 front & 18/9.5 rears including shipping to the uk was £1285 http://www.nissanparts4less.com/en_US/
  7. from what i understand the power fc is the way to go but use a seperate boost controler not the plug in for the pfc
  8. cheers found it think i was having a blond moment lol :nowigetit
  9. Hi guys new to this forum so hi to you all i'm from the UK and on skylineowners.com i'm currently trying to find some info on wiring a Q45 AFM onto my series 2 gts-t any info on which wire goes where :confused: thanks Andy
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