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  1. Just letting you know I did nearly everything in the list On the way to the airport to get the new turbo the old turbo crapped out so we put the new turbo in. My Z32 MAF arrived and I went to hook that up but fried the ECU - 3 hours later put in a tuned Nismo ECU. The previous owner put wire around a fuse so it wouldnt blow which may have caused the old ECU to pop. The fuel pump is on its way and all thats left is the Splitfires and figuring out how to wire up the Z32 MAF.. I got a diagram but im so afraid after frying the ECU that I dont want to hook it up.
  2. In regards to the relay mod for the fuel pump, would this do?
  3. Hello, Im going to do an upgrade of a few things here and there and wanted to ask if anyone knows the details i should be putting in for this site? I've looked around but looks like its all mixed info about the turbo on the RB25DET's Is it actually a T3? Is it .63 or .82 ? I'll be probably choosing an S cover and ball-bearing version unless someone states otherwise. Dont ask me which turbo it is i dont want to get flamed its a Precision Billet however Thanks
  4. i wont be changing it, like i give a F what some random on the street says. I got one of the kick ass cars in this country (Armenia) i'll be working on other things. Story time: Last night i went to a car shop where lots of cool cars usually are too see whats up and they saw my skyline and they made a call and another skyline showed up within 60 seconds and they had said they had seen me in the city but people didnt believe him haha so anyway we hung out and all these hotted up cars showed up, yeah was fun. Got some new cool friends, rare to find people that know stuff and are into cars here.
  5. Fortunately for me, this car isnt in Australia so bumper to bumper traffic isnt too much of a problem since i dont like going into the city. I have taken everything into consideration thanks for the info
  6. nah i was driving and this guy told me to pull over and he was talking about how the do up cars n stuff like that. Because im overseas they use russian words for every car part so i couldnt understand him well. So if i put in a lighter flywheel would their be any cons to that for example, break?
  7. Hello, So today I was driving and some guy told me to pull over and started talking about my car. He said my revs are too slow coming down after letting go of the accelerator. I think its ok but it would be cool if it went down quicker i guess just for sound but anyway.. would that be a flywheel change?
  8. Sorry I forgot to ask, in the second picture, what is that for?
  9. okay ill give it a go when I get up in 12 hours but I still recon it shouldnt be vacuuming
  10. When i rev it the needle maxs the vacuum rather than the boost. It should be going up on the psi and when removing throttle it should show vac, correct?
  11. Hi Ben, I put it on the nipple in the first pic but its showing vac rather than boost, its sucking whereas the second pic boosts a bit
  12. Hi, I got a boost gauge and am having difficulty figuring out where to place the hose. I know that it goes after the turbo so I tried to place it on the nipple on the intake manifold which ended up making the gauge suck rather than blow into it. I then found a couple of hoses which i think was where the factory boost gauge was/is. I am not too sure because my instrument panel has been changed and it has no factory boost gauge on it. I put the hose on there and it does work but its not accurate (i think) it only shows 1-2 PSI when i rev it from standing still. I took a couple of photos, if someone could clue me in that would be superb thanks
  13. AusFreak

    yep looked it up thats what it is thanks
  14. What is this? Hi, I can't figure out what this is for. It has oil in it and the previous owner has overfilled it. Its top right when facing the car from the front