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  1. yep looked it up thats what it is thanks
  2. What is this? Hi, I can't figure out what this is for. It has oil in it and the previous owner has overfilled it. Its top right when facing the car from the front
  3. Its good its good, more people interested the better, I like information. I have been working on my BMW and pretty much mastered the engine to my extent so I want to do the same for this car. The Nismo dash has kmh and mph mines just KM but its pretty close. The needles look different and my taco is upside down they said they couldnt sit it correctly. (just hate people like that! MAKE IT FIT) The carbon fibre feels like plastic and next time i look at the car ill pop that upsidedown screen off and see if its carbon fibre. i thought the engine bay would be a bit different due to the fact they changed the steering wheel side. I took this photo because im polishing the ahh thing that manifold on the left edit: the water temp goes above the H but when started cold the needle is 1/5th above the low point so im thinking the water gauge may be incorrect
  4. I have no idea probably not, they dont have them here
  6. Thanks for the information about cleaning the AAC. I cleaned it today and it seems to be running better, sitting on about 800 RPM rather than 500
  7. Thanks for the info KiwiRS4T. The car every day has some new minor issue which is sad Things like the oil light came on today then went off after a few minutes. I checked the oil everything was ok as I had just changed it too a few days ago. The speedo stopped working today too but reading the forums people would press the 0ing button and it would work again. When at the lights in traffic and i move slowley then clutch in and brake the idle goes from 500 to nearly 0 and sometimes stalls. Turning on the car now the starter makes that awful noise like its still trying to start for a split second. I have some work to do [sigh] Its done 84,000 KM and the pump should be replaced at around 100,000 and since its heating up and i got the new radiator coming, thought i would do that. Going to change the sparks hopefully tomorrow with 6x PFR6G-11 and during that time i'll see whats going on.
  8. Hi inmaniac I am going cheap because im overseas and income is not up to scratch with skyline parts I was building up my BMW 3 series which was cheap compared to skylines The previous owner has changed the muffler and apparently de-catted but i'll have to look for myself. He has also put in an aftermarket intercooler and blow off valve. He also had the steering changed from right to left and it has a little bit of play in it and the gearbox mounts i think are gone too (sometimes it shudders). The clutch makes a noise when in idle and not holding the clutch down. I bought a manual boost controller and a boost gauge from amazon - should arrive next week Are you able to get me a link to the relay mod and the ecu? Thanks The intake has also been changed but its so fkn dirty i need to get a new one asap so ive got to go measure the MAF to figure out what size to get. everything else seems okay and will look at your list of recommendations and go by them as soon as i have some spare change
  9. That's exactly what I want to do I was looking at these two I haven't looked under the rocketcover yet so am not sure, do they use leads on these engines?
  10. Hi oweban, Sorry I meant to say spark leads not coilovers (way too much stuff to think of). So if someone can point me in the direction of the highly regarded spark leads that would be cool.(does it have leads or just coils) The car is overheating like crazy so ive ordered a water pump and a Mishimoto radiator - see what happens. Im going to change the clutch probably in the next few months maybe and found one on amazon. Wanting to change throttle body: and maybe one day the turbo: Remapping the ECU will be a pain in the bum here as no one has the technology nor seen cars like this here so im gonna have to do it myself without a dyno [sigh] Winter is coming soon so deciding on what to do first before the snow. What do you think of those options? I found some stuff about my car. ECR33-060247 GGKBRTFR33VZA-U--- GTS25t Type M (Series 1.5) 1995-07 QM1 White (1G) 2 Door Coupe; (2GK + 11V) RB25DET; (4B) 2WD HICAS; (7F) 5 Speed Manual; (12Z) Cold Weather Package; (15U) Large Rear Spoiler + Aero Form Bumper + Rear Wiper (Aero Selection)
  11. New to Skylines, Need Assistance Hello, I have an R33 purchased a few days ago and I have some questions. Where is the best place to check my VIN number (im currently overseas) everyplace I look up says its not enough numbers or doesnt exist Which coilovers do you recommend? RB250DET Thanks
  12. Aussie Overseas + LHD R33 Gdaaaaaay!!! Currently overseas near the middle east and found a R33 RB25DET. It's pretty rare where I am to find a car like this, so I bought it for 4000USD and have started to work on it. I will probably have a few questions here so am happy to be part of sau. If you have any questions feel free to ask