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  1. This week I have been fighting with the front end, trying to get all of the parts to fit neatly. https://youtu.be/IrmiyR5RYVQ
  2. That is always a mystery I think. Basically, I think people liked the fact that I did every single aspect of the car, stripped it, rust repair, roll cage, painted it, sewed the interior, and stripped the engine and I did it all by myself in my garage. The only part of the video not in my garage was in the machine shop in LA, where the owner let me get on some of the tools and showed me how to do some of it. Also i think the fact that it was 4 minutes, kept it at a watchable length. I thought it would be my most popular video when I was making it, but I never dreamed it would be seen over 14 million times in 6 days. I don't think anyone could predict that.
  3. Back into it after having my 911 build video go viral with over 11 million views in the first 5 days. This week it is time to fit some wheel arch flares to my Z. https://youtu.be/wUU_RbKB0B8
  4. This week I gave paint stripper another go, and it works much better if it there are not 20 layers of paint and bog. The whole car is almost rust free now, just a couple of small bits to go. https://youtu.be/ahWcxJTxH1E
  5. This week I finally finish repairing all of the rust damage on my doors. Getting there slowly. https://youtu.be/fymqcDQDGxI
  6. This week I have been back at it, cutting rust out of these doors. I am quite happy with how the repairs are coming along, but it is so time consuming. https://youtu.be/y9y4rWSP_OY
  7. This week I work away at finishing that terrible door. It is a lot of rust and a lot of work, but I am stubborn enough to keep at it. https://youtu.be/ZvTs-PMZolE
  8. Are my 240Z's doors completely rusted out and junk? They have been covered up with a mountain of bog and paint, so this week I strip them down and see if I can save them. https://youtu.be/hBSwD9SqgdU
  9. I am actually in the Southern Highlands, just easier to say on an international scale that I am in Sydney
  10. Thanks guys. That has been set aside while I am waiting on all of mu custom engine parts for the US. As soon as I get them I will get back onto it and finish it up.
  11. This week I stripped down my P90a head to see what I am working with. I also tackled my most difficult rust repairs to date. https://youtu.be/tl9fe8yd1z8
  12. This week I tear down the bottom end of my L28 and repair some rust holes in my front cowl. https://youtu.be/wzmXpO2KXnM
  13. This week I tackle stretched sheet metal with the bonnet repairs, and I start pulling apart the engine. https://youtu.be/8A6NoBElz44
  14. Thanks mate. This week I have a go at making a stud puller to do some dent repairs and I pull the engine out of the car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04dnCI7cqP0
  15. This week I get into stripping the many many layers and years of paint and bog off of the Z. It is a very slow messy job, but it has to be done.