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  1. Selling my stock 350z suspension.These can also be used in V35 Skylines to drop ride height about 30mm from stock without loosing any ride quality. (this is what I used them for)Good condition with no knocks or leaks.Pickup from 3029 preferred but will ship at buyers expense. $100
  2. Sure. The box will be large though. Lots of packaging. Pm me your address and I'll get a quote asap.
  3. 2003 V35 coupe headlights for sale. Good condition but will need low beam HID kit from your headlights. $200
  4. Will sell for $1500 with tyres or $1200 without.
  5. Photos of car at stock height for reference.
  6. I am after some wheels for my V35 350gt coupe (Brembo's) I just bought a V35 and it came with Weds Kranze Crishna 19x9 +11 (25mm spacer to clear the Brembo's) and 19x10 +16 I love these wheels and they are very rare but they are too aggressive. I have raised the car as this is my daily driver and they just do not sit flush any more. There is some gutter rash but no cracks or buckles. Tyres are Kuhmo ecsta spt 225x40x19 and Goodyear Eagle F1 245x40x19 all still about 80% left. Let me know if you have anything not so aggressive but still able to fill out the guards (not interested in using any spacers anymore) Located 3029 Vic Cheers
  7. Hi all Just bought a V35 and looking to find some 350z or slightly lowered V35 struts and springs. Car came with ksport coilovers and this is my daily driver so I would like to get it back to a more comfortable ride. Open to swaps as well if anyone is looking to lower their car that bit further.
  8. Hi all Just bought a V35 Skyline and got this spare exhaust that I don't need. (2003 350gt coupe) $200 pickup from. Tarneit 3029.
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