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  1. Hey guys. Im just about to buy an R34 GTT, this will be the first car iv ever bought for myself and I was curious how much everyone else is paying to insure their cars and for how much its insured for? Any tips ect would be awesome too, im from NSW and im buying from VIC so i wouldnt really know how the transfer or state would work either. Im 21 years old and never had a traffic violation.
  2. As the title says iv been in the market for a manual r34 gtt coupe for a few months now. Watching how the market is going im seriously starting to consider buying an auto r34 gtt and then just paying for the conversion (and mechanic labout cost) The price range between a manual and an auto is insane. Iv been tracking a fairly clean r34 GTT 2 door for a little bit around 14k, however if i wanted to buy a manual version of the car i would be looking at something around 19-20k Is that big of a price range practical or should i just buy a full conversion kit for around 1800 and pay a mecahnic to swap it for me?
  3. So iv been saving for god knows how long to buy an R34 GT-T. Im in love with the car and have wanted nothing else. Currently the avg price of a manual r34 gt-t is around 15-20k for a decent one where ever I look. However i was tagged in a post on Facebook with a guy selling his 'gt-t' for 14k but its a rather perculiur case. Its actually an R34 GT with a full GT-T conversion. Images of the car look great but i was wondering if you guys could give some insite to weather it will be worth the potential hassel or not? Go easy one me Im selling my Red 1998 R34 25gt+t Ive owned this car for nearly 6 years and I have a new car so this is up for sale! The car: - Second australian owner - The shell is an Auto 25gt by compliance. It has 116***km on the clock, but was clocked back 40***km when Edward Lee's imported the vehicle (left Japan with 103k km, arrived with 63k km) - Rear cradle is the non hicas cradle left from the 25gt. - complete wiring, dash, interior, engine bay parts, engine, gearbox and tailshaft are all from a gtt. - Everything is stock gtt parts on the car, including the intercooler, boost actuator, and turbo. (the car these parts came from had done 104***km, can't confirm is that is legitament or not). - upgraded parts are the fuel pump (walbro 255), and a 3 inch stainless steel cat back. - Paintwork is fairly average on the car with a couple of small dents (seen in pictures) - Engine had a rebuild 8000km ago by Unique Automotive. - manual gearbox - GTR wheels - Custom Coilovers
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