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  1. Cous you tell me witch firings are in the rack? Or at least what treada and atuff so i can irder some and try 😅 Do you alsoe kbow if the sensor conekted in the presur eline is any inportant? 😛
  2. Ther is adapter that can be used mostly, on the pump side is a normal banjo so not hard to find On the rack side is a bit wors but shoud be posible if i can figure out the siced
  3. The w8 i can handle, the 350$ + shipping +25%toll i can not 🤣 Therfor i wonderd if anyonr had mad eout of AN so i coud just make it myself 😅
  4. Supose to be power stearing, but i forgot that power stearing was the word when i wrote it, and servo is what we use to call it and sounded rigth in my head, gonna try to get the post fixed
  5. Hi! I have had the pleasure of having my high pressure line on my power steering start leeking. Tried to so a quick fix to no help, and since stagea parts arent easy to come by where i live, i was wondering if anyone have swapped out the oem with AN connections and hose?
  6. I have a 1997 s1, think ther is a differense in them, why must cool csr be hard to find eoarts to!
  7. I need some help finding pads and rotors for the rear on my wgnc34 1997 rs4 2.5turbo, i have digured macima fits the front, but have been googeling for days now witout finding anything on the rear... Ye si know "do an upgrade" but u do not have the mony for that now and realy need new brakes..
  8. We call them spark plugs 😛 after i changed out the o2 sensor the car started acring bormal exept for the missfire at hige rpm and full throtle running 0.8mm on a bitt colde rplugs then original, dont remeber more then they are NGK, shoud be mlre then enouf for a stock engien as far as i know. Yhea im from norway 😛
  9. Was the lambda that caused the isues, chabhed it and the isue resolved itself, still have som missfire isues at hige rpm, but stock coils do the same so think my harnes migth be bad.
  10. Auto corekt is more of pain the help, but atleast i speack 2 languages,
  11. Cant leave the car running when u have to get the kid from kindergarden, somone migtj be jelly. Out ther on the webs, when u just search For stuff about the yellow jacket ther ar eppl talking about craks, bad this bad thst so ther are indecators on the coils beeing bad, but are gonna pur the oem back in, not thst i think ther wil be any diffrence
  12. Disconekted the temp sensor, drove it for 5 minutes, stoped the car, when i started it 5 min after the car woudent start befor i replugged it
  13. I know ther is alot pf hate on the yellow jacket, but was all i had cash for, have been unemploied for 2 years, and they seam fine, been looking over then for all the normall stuff that ppl cpmplain about. But always worth the try
  14. Wil try I can try bit dubt it wil do anything, error acured after i finaly figured out my timing isue, feels like the car stil has timing isues but is 99%sure it dosent,
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