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  1. Fatso

    I drive

    Has anyone installed a idrive in their m35
  2. Has to be a way to tuffen up the little vq25de box up I’ve seen shittier boxes get the once over and handled v8’s running number can’t see why not
  3. Wondering if it’s possible and using the factory ecu for the engine and a factory 250gt gearbox ecu
  4. Anyone know the part number of the transgo kit for a 4WD stagea m35 or know the transmission part number
  5. Hey, has anybody changed the alternator on their M35 VQ 25DET. Are there any tricks? Do I have to remove power steering pump?
  6. Hey guys my 01 arx when in traffic stoping and starting the gear selector vibrates once I start moving like it’s still in a higher gear has anyone els had this happen and my 4WD light started coming on but if I turn it off and on again it goes away Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Thanks mate do you know what gear box bolts up that is rear wheel drive only don’t matter manual or auto what ever is easier
  8. Hi dose anyone know of someone using a vq25det engine in a older rear wheel drive car like a ford cortina,sigma,skyline etc
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