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  1. c_foz

    Will SAU be attending the event this year? I have searched and not found any event threads. It's less than 3 weeks away.
  2. The GTR Festival is on at WSID on the 26th, is anyone else planning to go/enter? I'll be there and would be keen to cruise down with others from the ACT
  3. c_foz

    I'm actually a big fan of the unique stagea look haha. So probably never Cheers
  4. c_foz

    Did finally buy a stag, very happy with my purchase. Have installed coilovers, but otherwise (other than the wheels) it's pretty much stock. Keen to find some cruises with other stage owners soon.
  5. c_foz

    I have a few Volvo enthusiast friends and love the banter so I got prancing moose stickers
  6. Hi, are the roof racks still available?
  7. c_foz

    Thanks very much Bob
  8. Hello, new to the Nissan world and looking at buying a Stagea 260rs in the near future. Thought I'd say hello here before I continue on with my research. My goal will be a reliable 300-350kw atw and so far research says this will be entirely possible on a stock bottom end. Any links or advice would be much appreciated, on modifications or just features of the car in general like hicas, how the awd system works, how hard it is to source spare parts, or what you've done with your rb26, what you think i should do... etc. Cheers