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  1. That’s what I thought. So do 350Z rotors fit the R33/R32? Same wheel stud pattern also the same as R33/R34 ?
  2. That seems to be what I was sold. The guy said he pulled i5 off a R33. The hat height is wrong. 3mm off the centre of the rotor. So am I correct in telling him that he sold me brembos that are not off a stock R33? also I notice the numbers on the calipers casting seems to match calipers for the 350Z according to some eBay sellers.
  3. I just bought some used Brembo calipers that the seller says we’re taken off a R33 Gtr. Is this possible as I have read the only Brembos with 14mm bolts came on R34. Is this true?
  4. Ok its not perfect but I have managed to put an R33 rear garnish into the R32 bumper. this was my first effort on a 300ZX msammut11
  5. I do not know where you would place this on an R32. This is one I made from an R33 Msammut11
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