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    Sorry and yes it's a turbo, manual and rego until August next year!!
  2. WJMiles

    Hey mate, I'm actually selling a fully forged motor engineered s13 if your interested? Call me on 0416833047 cheers Willyboy
  3. Gday lads and ladies, I've just recently Purchased my absolute dream car, Skyline R33.. obviously like most of us I'd love to own a GTR but atm with the cost of them sky rocketing,and simply the GTR tax as we are all very well aware of, I have chosen a GTST.. and couldn't be happier. After doing some research into what the GTST is, and the history behind them, I have fallen deeper in love, and found a new respect for what a young stupid self thought was a cheap GTR.. idiot I am I know.. Anyway I have recently found out through the reading of Forums that I have some how managed to purchase a former If not current SAU forum members R33 since his ownership I think she has gone through some rough hands and hasnt been treated as kindly as in the past, however she's in good hands now and I'm looking forward to dumping ALOT of money into her and sharing my journey with you all along the way. Cheers guys Regards Willyboy