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  1. Id rather have a 4 point harness than what I have as when it tightens up its hard to steer or do anything so its more unsafe.
  2. Its not its just gets really really tight, to the point that you can barely move.
  3. Hey guys I have a 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT Crossover and got a weird safety feature, with any loss of traction all the seatbelts that are active tighten up to the point of feeling like being choked. Does anyone has that and/or know how to disable it? Thanks P.S my traction control is unplugged/disabled
  4. Yea I was hoping that someone can get it done by overwriting an ECU. Will try find some more information.
  5. Hey guys I've been trying to search for solution on the net, but can't seem to find one. Does anyone know if Cruise Control can be unlocked to go past 110 km/h? I understand that most or all Jap imports have that, but does anyone know the solution or a work around it? Also if there is a speed limiter is present is it possible to disable it? Thanks
  6. I know there are places that do conversions in Australia, but I'm in New Zealand and as far as i searched no one does it here and it would be cheaper too for me to replace the unit with the one that has English already. Thanks
  7. Hey guys I got a 2010 Nissan Skyline 370GT Crossover and my head unit is on Japanese, doesanyone knows if i will buy a head unit with nabigation from say Infinity EX37 that is in English and install it in my crossover, 1st would it fit ( have the same connections etc ) and would it work? Thanks
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