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  1. Hi Chris! I just purchased a 2005 Stagea M35 Series 2. Just wondering if you have any double din Fascia kits available for it? I'm also interested in any AUX/Video leads etc that you have for the existing screen and any adaptors I need for the aftermarket stereo install. Cheers!


  2. I was wondering whether that could be done! Would be keen to see a photo of the finished product if you have one handy. I found a "Nissan skyline v35 second edition audio fascia panel" locally on Gumtree for $450 that would fit. It's got no "dual" climate button though (not that it's a huge deal breaker). To be honest I'd be perfectly happy with just AUX input (if possible) and reverse cam via the existing screen. I literally only used those two features in my company car ('17 Mitsubishi ASX) while I had it. Never listened to radio, CD, or used GPS.
  3. This is the main thing I want!
  4. Hi @Turning Japanese thanks very much for the quick reply! I've browsed through the entire thread in as much detail as my non-tech savvy brain could handle. So what I need is a HD tuner from @Commsman? In one of your posts you mentioned "to simply get the video/audio to show on screen and play through OEM sound system you need to wire up an RCA input to the OEM tuner". Did you go through with this? Where did you source the RCA to OEM Aux plug? Would this give me the ability to simply play stuff through a phone for example? I see @bigkevracer mentioned an aftermarket deck "which plays DVDs and has rear AV out" also. This would require a fascia right? These are sold here in SA for about $495 but the climate control buttons are a little ugly. I've been told I could one specifically for the Series 2 from Japan but they cost like $800. Have you or anyone else installed a fascia and aftermarket deck this way? Absolutely plan to take it to a pro for install. Thanks again!
  5. Hi all, I know this thread is ancient now but I'm desperate for help! I just got a 2005 PM35 Stagea fresh off the boat. I want to find out what my options are for the existing stereo and TV screen? At a minimum I just want AUX input (to play music from my phone) and the ability to run a reverse camera through the screen. TV/DVD/Whatever else the screen can do would be nice too though! PS: I'm in Adelaide SA Cheers! -Stew
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