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  1. Install Google translate on your phone and use that to translate?
  2. Kudos motorsports? There's a few on Facebook importing Nissan parts as well (e.g. some Vega guy).
  3. They're not track wheels. For street and light track work it's fine.
  4. nah was >12 months after purchase, didn't bother. I even bench bled it before putting it in the car.
  5. Maybe dodgy turbo timer, alarm, other electric gizmos. Who knows. You'll have to deep dive into the dash, boot, etc. and look for the short.
  6. I bought that HFM one a few years ago. Took like a year to put them on, the rears never got any fluid = junk. Still stuck with factory one for now.
  7. you'd want 9" on the rear Have you looked at this thread or you just posted in here?
  8. Huh? Have you searched for what the R34 GT-R wheel cap looks like?
  9. I know what you mean. The Desmond Regamaster style is a great, simple design, and has huge brake clearance. Unfortunately the copies don't, as they tend to favour dish and it's probably cheaper to make small backspace wheels (or there's no big demand for big brake clearance). Sadly the remake of their EVO2 wheels comes in weird (to us Nissan folk) sizes (still in pre-order stage it looks like). Generally you want wheels that clear Brembo or Akebono 4 pots. Enkei usually lists what brakes their wheels clear.
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