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  1. Nah Skylines are overrated, except R31s N/A doesn't sound too shabby. You can grab yourself an RB20DE NEO and make it rev to 9,500 rpm.
  2. Yep, especially when TEIN street starts from less than 400 pounds https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/tein-street-advance-z-coilovers-teigsn14-91ss2/
  3. Not meeeeeee OP, you should have local Koni and Bilstein options. Hell, if you have standard springs, throw some KYB dampers in and enjoy. If you're after adjustability, spend the money on KW (unless you just want height adjustment, then you can get TEIN street, they're relatively comfortable and cheaper). Nismo S-Tune is a good bolt in upgrade, KYB dampers and uprated springs. Dunno if it's worth the money though. E.g.: https://www.tein.com/srch/us_search.php?maker=NISSAN&carmodel=SKYLINE&modelyear=1989-1994&item=default
  4. Maybe because they came out in 1988, Nissan was like "hmm we have a heap of redtop wiring harnesses lying around, stuff making new silvertop ones, use those instead!"
  5. Welcome. Sounds like a cool project, post it your conversion here, would be good to document it. You could also start a Barra vs. RB vs. 2JZ "discussion"
  6. 350GT is V35 Skyline, so you're allowed to call it what it is hahaha
  7. Rattle is probably heat shields around the exhaust manifold, but you'll have to investigate. As for sound, it's subjective but I rather proper mufflers/baffles (heavy) than "straight through" cheap light ones, especially on an N/A
  8. While I agree with GTSBoy (the projectors are shithouse), I have a pair or two somewhere. I'll rummage through my headlights and find you some.
  9. Have you checked the wheels for markings or stickers? My guess is some old Work wheels from the late 90's
  10. You could say it has a baby zilla engine *puts on sunglasses*
  11. If you have Facebook, you can find groups that will sell Skyline parts. Also, our For Sale section!
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