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  1. https://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php All your questions have been answered there I still have my R31 which I bought 15 years ago! Spend the minimum amount on maintenance etc. Exhaust upgrades is meh, 2.25 with two good mufflers is plenty. Not worth on a standard RB30E. Spend the money on bushes, better brakes, suspension, tyres, etc. Loads to do before touching the engine and exhaust.
  2. What's this booster you speak of? I'd remove that first.
  3. Ah right. So throw some AeroTwins on! Hahaha The AeroTwins on my Liberty is almost 4 years old now, wipes like it's still new.
  4. I'm a BMW driver now 😐 I can't see why you can't just bung in ICON or AeroTwin. Hell since it's a Nissan I'm assuming they have J-hook wiper connection (easy peasy to change).
  5. I'm assuming since it's old Porsche, you can bung in any single DIN head unit. As for brands, there are so many out there, I suggest you look for what's available locally. Also figure out your budget first.
  6. Buy R31 Skyline, plenty of power for a beginner driver.
  7. Compared to what? You yanks also have Fortune Auto over there, which would be similar to MCA but smaller I guess.
  8. It won't be hard to find someone with a laser cutter to smash out 100 of them for less than $50/pair?
  9. I think you should get it and report back on how long it lasts
  10. How else will he get all the boys to his yard?
  11. Surprising, they're supposed to be good cheap replacements
  12. Yeah but would you trust the tolerances on cheapo spacers?
  13. Yeah low production numbers = low number of spares = high value in 20 years time when they become popular
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