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  1. The specs I put up are Nismo specs, it won't give you a stance nation look (wheels sticking out past the guards). This is nice article: Oh and there's a thread covering your questions already:
  2. Not hard to look under your car at your current setup (whether it's eyelet or fork type). You could have literally figured it out by the time you created this thread. The company doesn't know because it slaps generic monotube dampers and springs onto hundreds of different types of mounts.
  3. niZmO_Man

    I paid a tyre shop $200 to adjust the front end of my car to the specs I wanted. After two hours, the "tech" absolutely fked the front up. I took it home and adjusted it by eye in 10 minutes to bring it to a more driveable state. Can't pay anyone to do anything any more, unless proven otherwise.
  4. HNR32-004968 KRNR32RGFSLMCB GTS-4 (Series 1) 1990-03 326 Crystal White KRNR32RGFSLMCB; 2 Door Coupe; RB20DET; 4WD HICAS; MT.F5; Interior: (Blank); (11L) Projector Headlamps; (12M) Electronic Active Full Auto Air Con (Climate Control) + Electronic Active Sound System; (13C) Sunroof; (14B) GTR Steering Wheel
  5. niZmO_Man

    ^ exactly why I want one, but alas am too poor (and have two cars already)
  6. 18x8.5" +35 with 245/40 tyres 18x9.5" +38 with 265/35 tyres
  7. niZmO_Man

    Possible causes: shit tyres worn dampers worn bushes (e.g. steering rack mounts) worn wheel bearings wheels not balanced properly/bent wheels
  8. niZmO_Man

    Looks like a little light, maybe to help with parking?
  9. niZmO_Man

    Would anyone know what the Japanese V36 are tuned for? 98 RON? Maybe 95 RON? North America uses AKI while we use RON to measure/advertise octane ratings. 91 RON = 87 AKI 95 RON = 90 AKI 98 RON = 93-94 AKI
  10. I had the same issue on my R32 GT-R, the power steering would 'kick' randomly, especially while going around roundabouts, fun times. I guess the computer couldn't decide whether to put it in low speed or high speed mode. I disconnected the smaller plug on the HICAS computer, problem solved. I believe it's a voltage issue with the computer and/or somewhere else.
  11. niZmO_Man

    I think they are aftermarket or dealer fitted. There might be a switch hidden somewhere (or add your own). Looks like you'll have to take "dive" into the wiring.
  12. niZmO_Man

    I sold my set for $600 with Ziex (rubbish) tyres. All caps included and mild rashes. That set would sell for $1,000 these days because of GT-R tax.
  13. niZmO_Man

    Welcome. Lot's of info, many many years worth of posts to go through, but you'll learn heaps. You just have to spend some time reading.
  14. niZmO_Man

    Threads merged.