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  1. niZmO_Man

    The little red knobs is for damper adjust.
  2. niZmO_Man

    Good to hear there are cheaper alternatives that hopefully last. I'm getting worried about the variable timing stuff on my Subaru.
  3. niZmO_Man

    Hi there, please take the time to read the rules, then post in here with all the details
  4. niZmO_Man

    Hi there, please create a new thread under here: Remember to read the rules thread before posting.
  5. niZmO_Man

    Just buy a second hand JASMA cat back, $200 well spent.
  6. niZmO_Man

    Nice knob
  7. niZmO_Man

    Created new thread for you.
  8. niZmO_Man

    The JASMA mufflers will obviously have restrictors, but OP is after sound upgrade, so 2nd hand JASMA cat-backs shouldn't be out of the picture. Don't get X-Force though. Get two fat mufflers and get an exhaust shop to install it as GTSBoy said.
  9. niZmO_Man

    You can try asking corgiwerx, the guy rebuilds diffs for Libertys so may be able to help out
  10. I don't think they are designed to tow much, if at all.