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  1. You'd want to sort out the cooling system problem first. Then, you can procure all the VLT bits and have it tuned (with Nistune). Or you can go all out with new RB30ET manifold and high mount GT35-ish turbo. This has been well documented, on another site relating to R31s
  2. You'll be happy with the RS-4 until you dial your car in and get some good speed out of it. RS-3 in my full fat R32 GT-R did well, even managed a 1:02 around SMSP south with basic suspension upgrades, crappy brakes and driver (me).
  3. He also died apparently because of a re-welded steering column. I'd get a another block/engine/V8 or get a billet block yolobro
  4. Get under the car and look at everything under there.
  5. Do you have GT-R guards? Or equivalent wide body? Go to Work Wheels website and load up the specs PDF
  6. I'd rather a 911 Turbo to be honest now, the allure of the GT-R is gone at those prices.
  7. interesting... people do all sorts of weird stuff
  8. The rotary one. Put a relay harness on the headlights.
  9. Most likely your switch. Get headlight relay harness (wiring harness) and hook them up, use the driver's side for triggering the relays.
  10. I don't think they are anything special. Search for service manual
  11. Finally KKK [turbos] can make a come back
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