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  1. The RB26 really needs at least N1 turbos and appropriate tune. It's a huge difference IMO.
  2. I like the wheels, shame they didn't come in lower offsets and wider widths (I see a lot of them on YAJ).
  3. Location? check your "local" wreckers
  4. I think it'll get a 400,000km hair cut. I think the sheet said it had a hit on the rear and right side rear.
  5. These will be a bargain in 5 years time.
  6. But he's asking about R35
  7. Considering this is the motorsport section, I'm assuming track days at a minimum.
  8. Don't forget them all being thrashed. At least the RB25DET has a better chance of being less thrashed, especially if it's from an auto car (e.g. Stagea).
  9. Probably broke the AFM wire, pull it out and have a look. Grab another AFM or two.
  10. Umm yeah, that's like saying you hate guns then buying an AK-47.
  11. Changed the transmission oil yet?
  12. Steel ones. I got mine from ROTA on eBay.
  14. Have you tried driving around?