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  1. Stop ruining the economy and buy more F250s But seriously, that amount of compliance is bullshit.
  2. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=rb25+cam+cover+breather+size&t=ffab&ia=web
  3. I was poor when I got my yellow ones. Still runs fine after 5 years But once I change ECU and turbo to N1, I'll need to buy new blue|black ones
  4. My GT-R did 10L/100km once. But usually it does 14L (when I daily drove it). My Liberty does 11L average, stop-start kills it (which is why hybrid cars makes so much sense in cities/suburbs). Always fill 7 Eleven (Mobil) 98. It makes sense to try difference sources of fuel. Also fuel can vary between stations, so brand doesn't usually matter. Except if it's Caltex or United, not putting that crap in my cars (I don't need ethanol fuel).
  5. Factory is middle. The one to the side is aftermarket with the old 1970's GT-R badge.
  6. https://www.nismo.co.jp/products/catalogue_2019/index.html#page=223 Read that, so you'd want 10.5" +15 and run 275/285 wide tyres
  7. Those are Nismo sizes. Basically spot on for RWD Nissans. It's not vapenation tyre stretch spec so search on the internet for Nismo wheels on Silvias and Skylines.
  8. KW Sorry never heard of Biot. They look like BC or ATTKD/various VIP brands clone (Taiwan made?)
  9. Threads merged. Please stick to one thread.
  10. Discontinued so have to trawl Yahoo auctions Japan Nismo catalogue: https://www.nismo.co.jp/products/catalogue_2019/index.html#page=305 Can't find PN for just the sub meter
  11. The lights. Wait the new redesign that just came out or the previous ones?
  12. They (QX80) are ugly though Shame really, Q50/Q60 nice looking (fancy Mazda 3) with good engine but dated interior was a killer. Lexus way ahead. Oh well.
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