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  1. Why people bother with crappy car sat-navs is beyond me. Use your phone as mentioned.
  2. Been there done that. First thing you should do is cover/seal that pod filter, or install standard airbox. Sucking in hot air does nothing positive for your engine. Sell your 3" exhaust and buy a GTS1/2 style exhaust manifold (6 to 2 to 1). . Buy two fat mufflers with 2.25" ends, then take it to your nearest decent exhaust shop and ask them to make you an exhaust with mandrel bends. Sound done. Get a 'hotter' camshaft and Nistune. Install and tune. Upgrade suspension and brakes. Replace all flogged out bushes (e.g. rear trailing arms). Also invest in a working LSD. Learn how to drive, go to track days etc. Once you're confident, sell the car or go all out on a turbo build. There's a whole forum dedicated to your car https://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php http://wiki.r31skylineclub.com/
  3. Bilstein: although check if your rear mounting is eyelet http://web1.carparts-cat.com/default.aspx?34=0,100121&240=0&32=25288&230=29&1271=48&1272=af00dbd1-a897-495b-badf-8baea9c69907&1273=1&10=C25A1F430604482397A3B52E45F679CE018004&14=4&12=130
  4. From here: https://www.kyb.com.au/partfinder/ Selected Vehicle: NISSAN SKYLINE R34 ER34 05/1998~05/2001 2 Door Coupe 2.5 litre, RB25DET I6 24v DOHC Turbo MPFI {208KW} RWD,AT/MT,[JAPAN] 12272 Shock/Strut - Front NSF9092 New SR Special - Enhanced Performance 2 req Shock/Strut - Rear NSF9093 Suits Lower Eyering Mount Type New SR Special - Enhanced Performance 2 req NSF9095 Suits Lower U-bracket Mount Type New SR Special - Enhanced Performance 2 req
  5. we went through over 100 reports, multiple spam accounts. Just hit that report button.
  6. Yeah I know the feeling. I went through the same thing with wheel alignments (nothing compared to your problems). Thanks for sharing your experience though, hopefully we don't get sued for defamation or some crap so they try to take this down.
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