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  1. niZmO_Man

    R32 Skyilne mat mostly covers the bottle. But I had no problems with police, one even pointed to it and said "that's a good idea". You can also put it on the passenger side.
  2. I'm surprised mine are still going even after track days. But they'll probably start failing after I post this. In saying that, I drove my car once last year so it's not like it's used a lot.
  3. R32 trying to looks like an R33? No thanks
  4. niZmO_Man

    Remember to run relays harness when you replace them. The standard circuit isn't that good and it sounds like your bulbs are drawing a lot of current.
  5. I run Yellowjackets, no issues (1.1mm spark plug gap). Although my engine is standard everything. Once you start leaning on them, you'll run into problems. There's a reason they're cheap, and a replacement for standard engine/turbo/boost level (it gets you going at the very least). If you're planning on more power, do what the others above said.
  6. They only become expensive and unreliable once you start tinkering with them and stuffing things up. They aren't a good choice for a first car. Depends how disciplined and mature your son is, but I wouldn't start with a turbocharged RWD coupe. I started with an R31, the 3L in there has plenty of grunt to get me into trouble. N/A they would be slow, but if he really wants it, might as well start with an N/A (R33 GTS4 is N/A and AWD).
  8. niZmO_Man

    Damn the bots are getting smarter
  9. niZmO_Man

    That looks handy
  10. I like to call it doofer Perhaps reach/remove the subwoofer and have a look? It might be busted or the previous owner didn't like doofdoof
  11. niZmO_Man

    Also "servicing fees"
  12. I live in Edmo Park in the family home, 5 years old. Laughing at the tiny blocks of land going for half mil, but also crying because I won't be able to afford anything in Sydney. I'll look at moving into the mountains in 5 years time. Also, 4 unit maths fwuaahhhh. I did 3 unit, was tough but 1st year uni in engineering was easier
  13. niZmO_Man

    0.65 x 100 mmHg (i.e. standard boost pressure with restrictor removed). No point upping the pressure.
  14. niZmO_Man

    This has been covered already, many times. Spend some time reading through the threads around here instead of being lazy.