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  1. Sounds like it's in limp mode. Check engine light/warning lights on? Get the ECU scanned for codes.
  2. You should get the computer scanned for the error codes
  3. I bought the same HFM BM57 copy master cylinder and my rear brakes didn't work (reverted back to standard BM50). So yeah, see if you can put the standard master cylinder back on and test.
  4. 775kW sounds like a substation. 1000 hp sounds like a happy USA dyno
  5. Looks like the same stuff that some dude in Thailand spams on Facebook groups.
  6. You can have my old cat-back exhaust for $50
  7. Time for a sequential conversion... When was it last serviced? The computer will have fault codes...
  8. He's not responding any time soon Posts 7 Joined October 25, 2020 Last visited November 17, 2020
  9. Nah man, "Skyline GT-R" parts are super rare, according to the asking prices.
  10. Glad I bought mine for $250 hahaha I wound the odo forward to match my old cluster though, the numbers are wonky
  11. Multiple threads merged. Please read the rules before creating a sale thread
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