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  1. Best way to avoid accidents is to remove the dumb meatbags behind the wheel (a.k.a. fully autonomous vehicles, but we don't have the roads for them). Operating a complex 1.5t machine should not be taken lightly, yet people are licensed to drive quote easily (as we've all experienced), without retesting.
  2. What I experienced on my friend's Evo, Blues were quite comfortable.
  3. I believe that, why would you rip up existing electric street cars (trams) and replace them with diesel burning buses in the city? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  4. I believe that Engineering Explained guy has one of those quick lifts. I want one
  5. Yeah we had to pick up the fat book with coloured pages, contained categorised ads for businesses. Now you can just press a button on your phone and say "em cee ay" and it'll give you all the information you need.
  6. Two big issues I see: - Motorways all converge towards CBD in Sydney. They should have build a ring-type motorway system so traffic can flow around and people can get off at multiple locations. Of course that requires foresight/long term planning. - Better public transport. Yes it's hard, but if you start building one tram line down George street in 2016, you've already failed as a town planner in the 1980's.
  7. remember when 8kg used to be "too stiff for the street" ?
  8. Fibre to Telstra's exchanges
  9. Redline shockproof is a band aid for stuffed synchros, not for tracking. Or so I've read.
  10. Absolutely true. One of the works mates got run over by a guy on a scooter haha.
  11. Isn't building an engine a workout anyway? Just dead lift the engine or squat with the head or something.
  12. Changed the oil?
  13. Get one cam for the rear of your car as well I need to one more for mine. But yeah, Sydney drivers are atrocious and getting worse by the day (i.e. the people with fake overseas licences). I miss driving in Netherlands so much, you'd think a city as populated as Amsterdam would be chaos, but 99% of people there are amazing drivers (the worst I saw were Africans, equivalent to your usual Sydney suspects).