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  1. I didn't realise how bad the rust on my car was until you pointed it out years ago. It's only gotten worse haha.
  2. Umm okay, cool. Update us in a year's time how they are performing.
  3. niZmO_Man

    It's a VAG so probably engine out job that requires special Audi rigs and tools.
  4. niZmO_Man

    Try having a look here:
  5. niZmO_Man
  6. I think he wants to see in the dark.
  7. I haven't forgotten about your headlights.
  8. 235 or 265 wide tyres? That's quite cheap for good track wheels.
  9. niZmO_Man

    ebay, get 360deg ones if you can You could probably buy 100s for half a slab
  10. dry = prepreg = you put it in/on a mold, cover with vacuum bag, vacuum and bake it in autoclave wet = imagine laying fibreglass, but the glass is carbon
  11. niZmO_Man

    You might want to double that price.
  12. niZmO_Man

    Penrite SIN/Racing had the same claim, although they are impossible to find these days (also price went up drastically).
  13. niZmO_Man

    It's a spam bot goddamit Okay maybe not, what's up with the URL?
  14. 30mm bolt on spacers -5deg camber all round 185 wide tyres do it jokes don't Sounds like those wheels are for a Supra or something (Toyota tends to run higher offsets). For reference: early Nismo sizes were 7.5 +35/8.5 +38 or something like that, but you could get away with going half an inch wider.