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  1. Doesn't Nismo/Nissan Heritage parts sell them new?
  2. It's the PSI equivalent, hehehehe triggered. I agree with you BTW, but hey mmHg is still fine for vacuum measurements right?
  3. To be fair mine is a FWD hatch that I share with my mum. I wouldn't track it haha. But the point is you get into a modern performance car and drive instead of fixing 30 years old stuff. Especially now that 90's JDM cars and parts have shot up dramatically.
  4. Off topic but my BMW has been flawless, 75,000 km. B48 is a good engine
  5. You pay for the prestige of all that heritage/racing pedigree
  6. Every import suspiciously has 60,000 km mileage haha
  7. Merged multiple threads. No need to create one thread per item, stick them in here.
  8. haha mate it's fine, bit hard to judge on the internet what people know (We down here in Aus got the V6 and the top mount intercooler RB20DET if I recall correctly).
  9. If you want to go the TEIN route, VSK68-C1SS3
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