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  1. I meant compared to newer cars, with surface mounted diodes on printed circuit boards; a body control module controlling your interior lights, etc. Not sure why you're so aggressive, and have to boast about having multiple GT-Rs. Like I said, they're late 1980's cars, just crack (not literally) them open and have a look. I'd also throw in a headlight relay harness/wiring while you're at it, the standard circuit is shit.
  2. Replace engine+wiring loom, brakes.
  3. Nah not really. I made my username when I was like 14. Bit awkward confirming my email to the bank person etc. heh.
  4. Standard is 205/55/16 205/60 should be okay, but of course they will be bloaty feeling. Run 38 psi tyre pressure and enjoy the extra comfort haha. Remember your speedo will show slightly slower than before (could be a good or bad thing depending on how accurate your speedo is). https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=205&aspect=55&diameter=16&wheelwidth=6.5&offset=45&width2=205&aspect2=60&wheel_size=16&wheel_width=6-5&offset2=45
  5. Hey Snoopy, good to hear your R31 still around Try starting here: https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/historic-vehicles/index.html
  6. You need to pressurise the intake to find a boost leak. You haven't posted about what mods your car has, so we assume it's standard. BOV:http://jp-carparts.com/nissan/part_detail.php?maker=nissan&type=89&cartype=7&fig=144&part=1448369F02&page=2&img=144B 002
  7. Yeah 30 years old bulbs would be failing around now haha. I'd swap them all out while you're at it. Good time to throw some LEDs in there (buy a pack of T5 and T10 bulbs)
  8. As above, partsouq is your friend https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Nissan&ssd=%24*KwGYrL2R-5zHleiY3sC3ksDU9PPtnJOen42eiM7r14_eiZaMsN_NiMbLzoiR94ypzMOGifafiIeO9MDfvNfV2cTO69eMnpSFiJGUmJ-HjsOUnsOQifaciIeO25Df24iam5_ri5yewt-c1N3FyerQjsuS39uK8I6c9eiOgtPf0_X9_Z6d_eT80dHBiJjzn_3vg_2nucOGi46Z9ZibnrSpw4aLjpj1nu360aDNionF2YiRjIyjvLPr5o6BionB3dHHwYjo-p6ciYCO0ZiH3ImWjZiHjIyej4jOiZaNiOH8jI4AAAAAJcutPw%24&vid=0&cid=&uid=352261&q=
  9. From memory, the Barra turbos were similar to GT3540? But yeah, go big brah, T51R
  10. In case you want to find part numbers: https://jp-carparts.com/nissan/figlist.php?maker=nissan&type=152&cartype=9
  11. Are they the same specs as the gold R34 ones?
  12. Definitely do a history check. Could have been smashed and fixed, could also be a good condition import, who knows.
  13. Two hangers in the back, one hanger in the middle somewhere (IIRC). Don't even need to bolt it up for it to not fall off. It's not hard and I'm surprised anyone made the effort of creating an installation manual.
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