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  1. Ooo that's interesting. I'd like to know what ballasts they had. Also, didn't know R34s had self levelling (or are you talking about height adjust motors?)
  2. 8 years later... By a VR30DETT.
  3. Damn that's cheap, I'd hold onto them for a while longer. Would be super tough on an R32 GT-R.
  4. How were they different? Different part number could be different a different bulb, or connector, or any other component, but the housing itself could be identical.
  5. H4 bulb I believe.
  6. Under a lot of pressure
  7. We should've moved to >12V decades ago. Only now are there cars appearing with 48V.
  8. Diode on the high beam wire, so the current flows to the solenoid when you hit the highs. The high beam bulbs on my car have a separate relay wiring, so I use the standard wires for activating the solenoid.
  9. Damn I want mangoes now. Also, go back to Cabra!
  10. I mainly use it to park close to a wall, it's not very useful otherwise.
  11. I wonder which one has more rust
  12. You say that, but when you daily drive a car with it, reversing a car without a camera becomes weird. Of course I don't soley rely on my camera, as it's in a weird angle (gen5 Liberty wagon).
  13. Last year $827 This year $583
  14. Why do you need four gearboxes?