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  1. I suggest this http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/nismo-super-coppermix-twin-plate-comp-spec-clutch-lightweight-flywheel-suit-nissan-skyline-021993-25gt-p-590.html But this topic has been covered many times. Put the effort in to search for information.
  2. How about PlastiDip? They're like $30 a can, real easy to apply. No harm trying.
  3. Ah yes, the quality should always be there. But I'm concerned about the price. I'll stick to Ryco Z442
  4. Threads merged. Please read the rules before posting.
  5. What's so special about Nismo oil filters?
  6. 15W-50 is fine. You can run 10W-50. Hell I ran 5W-60 in my R32 GT-R haha 10W-40 you can run with oil cooler.
  7. This looks fun. Can you document it on here please?
  8. Great now the prices of GTS-t trim just trebled.
  9. I would say it's ABS sensor (mine does the same, it's annoying). I get the clicks/voltage drop/pump going off. Strangely enough my AWD works fine (when it hasn't crapped out), even on track days. My guess is voltage supply.
  10. Yeah I'd assume so. But still, 90's headlights man, not working with much. LED can help IF the emitters are positioned in a way to focus off the reflectors, which basically means custom made bulb for your headlight (unless it's a fluke, impossible to happen). Reason why Diode Dynamics in USA made LED bulbs for F150. They happen to work quite well in other headlights.
  11. Could be AFM, CAS, coil packs...
  12. Check connectors at battery terminal. Check grounding under driver's side headlight https://wiki.r31skylineclub.com/index.php/Headlights#Lighting_Earth
  13. Probably HB3, as most Japanese cars are. There's a nice upgrade for those high beam, 9011. I got a bunch of Toyota HIR1 (9011) that doesn't need any modifying, goes straight in with HB3 plug. It appears on our Tarago (JDM ones use HB3). HB3 = 1860 lm HIR1 = 2350 lm It's the reason why the old Osram Rallye H7 was good, it had a H9 (2100 lm) burner (H7 is 1500 lm).
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