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  1. Don't buy shit LEDs, buy Philips or Osram 4,000K T10
  2. Just get this: https://www.hpr-tuning.com/product-page/nissan-skyline-gtr-gs7-dct-kit
  3. look for one out an Evo or late model STI?
  4. It takes quite a bit of effort to modify the forum software, so the reports and threads are helpful. What whiskey you drinking mlr?
  5. Once upon a time R32 GT-R didn't mean spending 3k to fix a trim
  6. Yep 2L engine (road car) that's from Mercedes-Benz. No idea on the TCR cars, I assume same engine as the A-class
  7. Just wait for the 400Z (if you ignore the boardroom shenanigans)
  8. I remember calling Nissan about a new CAS (before the GT-R boom), they wanted $2,000 (had to wait for it to come from Japan). Got a second hand one off fatz for $50 (wasn't an issue, was the AFM)s. But yeah, be careful with those, they cost a pretty penny these days
  9. I really wanted a Q50 and almost blew my budget for a hybrid one. They are surprisingly holding their value well.
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