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  1. Gotta us diesel oil to clean the carbon
  2. Threads merged. One thread per seller please.
  3. Probably just needed a good flush and bleed.
  4. I was getting excited when 34R prices were dipping below $40k. Now it's just a dream. Much better cars out there for $80-100k anyway.
  5. Welcome. Search bar is on the top right of the page.
  6. Gotta chop the springs and get dem Instragram likes
  7. Dodgy "professionals" unless proven otherwise. Tyre shops, mechanics, people who build houses, etc. applies to all.
  8. Miss the days when you could lowball a low km good condition AUDM S15 for $13k
  9. Threads merged. One thread per seller please.
  10. How much is that Harrop kit? I imagine it will become quite popular
  11. Wreckers. There's a Skyline wrecker in western Sydney. Or hit up Gumtree/eBay/Yahoo Auction Japan
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