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  1. So you've found a bunch of info, or you found nothing? You're not being clear. It seems like you have a lot of reading and searching left to do. You need to ask specific questions for people to help you. If you haven't found answers to your questions, then it's likely that no one else has done it and you'll be a pioneer.
  2. Drill holes in the muffler or put spacers between the joints for similar effect.
  3. IMO anything less than this isn't worth it
  4. Have you tried searching this site? Search bar is at the top right of the page
  5. Anyone who says putting LEDs in shitty 80's projectors is kidding themselves. I challenge you to prove your $50 LED kit is better than a proper HID retrofit. Very easy to do and has been well documented here. You will not get any magical improvement by putting in 10,000 Chinese lumens H1 or H3 LED kit. Nor any 100W blue tinted halogen bulb. If you put a H3 HID kit in, you will end up with two thin pillars of light. Been there, done that, spent hundreds on bulbs.
  6. Ah good point, back to back testing is a must. I wouldn't say my F45 is quiet as it's a weird hatch with 18" wheels, but my SIL's newish i30 seems to be quieter. My gen 5 Liberty was pretty comfy so mass definitely matters. What about the French? Peugeot?
  7. If X3 is near new and under warranty, should be pretty good. Otherwise get something better, like Santa Fe
  8. Mega don build. Will need to be roped off with a security guard at next meet up.
  9. Someone did a dori-dori-oopsie then fixed the car up and put it through auctions, before you got hold of it?
  10. I do agree though. Better to PM the seller than bump an old arse thread.
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