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niZmO_Man's Feedback

  1. luke gtr left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Wtb Rb26 Bell Mouth Dumps And Dead Afm's
    Good communication, would buy from again.

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  2. Aqua left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [syd - Nsw] Alytex Aluminium Pool Cue + Case
    Quick and easy. Honest buyer.

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  3. josh. left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Wtb: R32 3 Inch Catback Suit Gtst/gtr. Nsw Preferred.
    Nice bloke, quick replies. Would buy from again

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  4. Hornet2572 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    R32 Gtr - Adjustable Fr Camber Arms - Suggestions?
    Helpful dude, much appreciated!

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  5. GTR-N1 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    H K S Suspension With A Host Of Question Marks - R32 G T R
    Ravi has completed this transaction without any fuss at all.

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  6. Bugzs15 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Genuine Nismo 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap. R34Gtt
    Good to deal with, honest buyer.

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  7. Chris32R left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Nismo Short Shifter R32 And R33 Gtr
    Easy to deal with. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  8. deva0o left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Nsw R32/r33/r34 Dba4908Xs Rear Disc Brake Rotors Brand New
    Great guy to deal with, quick and easy :)

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  9. MillsyR33 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Gtr Rb26 R32Gtr R33Gtr Standard Bits
    great communication, fast payment no b.s! cheers

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  10. randomizer33 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Gtr Parts For Sale (Afm,airbox,filter,ypipe)
    very good buyer,fast no problems

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  11. Run-It-Hard left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Rays Eng - Volk Racing Challenge Sf Wheels Cheap!
    Quick and easy sale, thanks!

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  12. fatz left Positive feedback   

    once again champion bloke and helped me out sorting m PS issue

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  13. fatz left Positive feedback   

    champion, good looking and a pleasure to deal with

    niZmO_Man was The Seller

  14. Sloane left Positive feedback   

    Easy to deal with. Great Communication. Thanks Ravi

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  15. fatz left Positive feedback   

    Awesome buyer, top bloke, great to deal with!

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  16. thizzle left Positive feedback   

    good bloke no fuss sale...cheers mate.

    niZmO_Man was Trading

  17. POLICE left Positive feedback   

    Friendly fella, still haven't installed the wheel + boss kit lol

    niZmO_Man was Trading

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