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  1. Are you planing to make some replicas for the LMGT4 GT500 as well? I need a replacement of them as they're really worn. (pictures for example)
  2. Hi guys! I'm Patrick from Switzerland and since a few weeks I'm a happy owner of a bayside blue GTR R34. It's now on the ship to Bremerhaven Germany and in Autumn it will be transfered to Switzerland. The car is a series 2 from november 2000, pretty stock, has only some bronze TE37 wheels, weldina ne-1 exhaust and a nismo sport setting, but I don't know what this is... Was running only 64'041kms and has grade 4.5. I ordered some Nismo LMGT4 2017 edition in matte black 18x9.5, a front under bumper and a set of Öhlins Road & Track suspension. These are the only modifications I will make on my car, all other will stay stock Now I'm only searching a v-spec speedometer that has around 65k to 75k kms. Best regards, Patrick
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