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  1. Hi all, When I purchased my cefiro the trunk would not latch. I purchased a new latch assembly from eBay, installed the latch (part of it at least) onto he boot lid and was able to adjust the attchment point on the chassis itself and get it to at least latch but I cannot get it to seat tightly against the body. There’s is mayor an eighth to a quarter of an inche that it needs to be further down. Adjusting the two latch pieces that lock together is not the solution, as if the chassis mounted piece is any further down the boot won’t latch at all. The thing that baffles me is that the latch I ordered came with a thin stamped metal “bar” about 4 inches long that I have no idea in the world where it possibly could go? Does anyone know the proper place to install this or how to get the trunk to seat all the way flush with the reward quarters? Any help is is greatly appreciated!! Attached is a picture of the mystery piece that I cannot figure out how or where to install
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post and I am in desperate need of some help. I am in the United States and I have an imported A31 Cefiro. My car was vandalized and someone smashed the drivers side front window. I am struggling mightily to find a replacement. There are of course no spare parts in the United States and I have so far been unsuccessful sourcing one from overseas. Does anyone know where I can source this window? Or can anyone help to get one shipped over? At this point I'm willing to pay just about whatever it takes to get the right glass. Anyone have any ideas? I greatly appreciate it!! Thank you, Blake