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  1. ATTENTION: DO NOT PM ME ABOUT "PICTURES NOT WORKING" OR asking me stupid fking questions (that are already answered in the thread) about this plenum install I did 5 years ago - using the words "lol cant werk out how to buy brass nipples dat fit aye" - If you can't read/comprehend - not my problem. /signed: the cranky author of this thread who has rarely visited here in 3+ years.
  2. saw your WP thread man - ouch! glad they didn't take the car eh!
  3. thanks for fagging up a thread with useless f*cking information guys! (idiots) Meanwhile - I"ve used Troy @ Shades window tinting 0419 930 364 for a few cars - good workmanship and decent price
  4. I'm surprised the workshop in question didn't POINT OUT the reason you're not making good power and tell you how to fix it?!?!?!? - or did you ignore what they were saying in a hurry to get your car back after so long?
  5. I was once driving down a 50km/h residential street, shifting in to 5th at 50km/h (yes, i dont speed as there are many children always playing around) As I was driving I notice a man unloading shopping from his boot on the side of the road, only for him to twirl a shopping bag at me and yell at me to slow down. Knowing I was doing nothing wrong I slam on the brakes and reverse up to the guy, giving him a mouthful "Have you got a radar on me mate? I was doing F*CKING 50 dickhead" - he then whipped out a cop badge and said "i said slow down!! i'll see you in court" (thinking his cop badge will make me change my tune) after telling him politely to "go f**k himself" for being a righteous dick i drove off.... never heard anything from him again. the end.
  6. I had a CONSULT interface to Serial, then a Serial-USB converter. Run Nissdatascan on a Netbook PC and you can see all the same, and even TWEAK a few settings! Like others said, the OBD2 will not work.
  7. cliffs: 1. p-plater stupidly pulls out in front of a cop 2. cop cautions p-plater 3. p-plater smoked some crack 4. posted on sau
  8. The only time I've lost traction unintentionally is crossing an intersection with oil on the road. Smarten up people.
  9. What's wrong with mine? Hmmm... After spending obscene amounts of money over 6 years on it, I sold it for 1/5th of the price only to have the new owner crash/write it off 3 months later. *Sad in pants*
  10. Points 1,2,3 - suck it up princess. Point 4 - "Battery box" - does anyone into the ADR care to shed some light on this?
  11. Even if you were speeding, contest it and make them prove it. Why pay the fine if you don't have to? Worth a shot.
  12. They should have issued you with a police report number, if anything. Understand they can't do anything legally, as they are juveniles, but your insurance should cover it. Sucks, huh? ps Hope Jazz is okay!
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