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  1. Ok guys I got an issue I’d like to hear your thoughts on. I have a r32 gts-25 non turbo that I swapped a rb20det into a few months back. Also added split dump, full 3” TBE, nistune, wideband, and other gauges. So when warm it has always had a breakup in boost at WOT. It was getting to around 11psi on my boost gauge. So I also had a 45v1 rb25 turbo that I had planned to throw on when I was diagnosing the break up, since I would already have everything apart. This past weekend I installed the turbo and used the actuator off the 20. Replaced coil packs/ gapped to 0.8/ changed afm and still had the breakup. So tonight I was out driving. I pulled over and disconnected vacuum port to BOV to see if there was any difference, and boom, the misfire/hesitation under WOT was gone. She ran and drove great, even though it had flutter. But the weird thing is I am only getting 7 psi constantly even though I changed the actuator off the 20 that I personally have had hitting 11psi for months. I’m hoping the couple beers I’ve had this evening might be having me miss something obvious...sorry for the novel. Thoughts please!
  2. I am about to install a Rb25 turbo on my Gtst rb20...but the turbo didn't come with an inlet elbow and I know the rb20 one won't fit. Does anyone have an extra one they could part with? If so please reply with asking price.
  3. Does anyone have a rb25 turbo for sale? I want to upgrade the turbo in my Rb20. Please let me know if anyone has one in good shape.Thsnks!
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