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    hey guys. i'm prepping to swap a SR20DET into my C33 laurel. The car was a RB20E A/T car. The issue I have is that I got the car with a VQ35 swap. I do not have the original RB20E engine and tranny harness. I do have a S13 SR20DET harness though. Can anybody help a brother out here?
  2. looking for a few interior bits. mainly a full manual center console in brown. also looking for a left dash vent in brown. lastly, i need the right rear window amplifier. o and a manual cluster. for exterior, if someone has a set of rain guards theyd sell, ill take those too!
  3. hello everybody! I just recently acquired a C33 Laurel. I’ve been doing a bunch of searches learning about the car and it seems this forum is the place to be. I originally came from the rx7 community so pretty excited to get back into the piston world especially with a rare/unique car like this. I will be needing help sourcing some parts for my laurel as we never had them in the states. can anyone point me in the right direction or be willling to help themselves? im paypal ready and eager to get the car back to 100%
  4. Ray_P358

    hey everyone. I just recently picked up a C33 laurel here in the states. I’m trying to get it back to 100%. my right rear power window amplifier is no longer working. the PCB relay inside it blew apart leaving me no part number to trace it. i took apart the left rear to find out the circuitry is completely different. can anyone with a laurel open theirs up and get me a part number so i can repair it. finding these parts here or getting them here is a complete pain! also, can anyone tell me, is just the drivers window automatic?or do other windows have the auto function?