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  1. Wow this is awesome guys. Keep the posts coming. I've seen and noticed online a lot of Midnight purples so they must have produced majority in this colour!
  2. Ps guys. Thanks for replying. I can finally see there are skyline owners who appreciate and look after their cars just as I do. I struggle to even spot an r33 on the road or for sale on line that is well maintained however coming to forum like this, I can see there are some remaining. Vxsr33, pic of ur car is prime example. Glad I came here. If anyone else has an r33 gtst 40th anniversary. Please join in. There's not much info about this model other than it was the last of the r33's produced. And only a guestimate of a couple hundred thousand being produced. Would love to hear about your experiences and knowledge of this model. The only pet hate I have is that she's not responsive and lags on hot days (aircon on too) so if i were to modify, happy to hear of any reasonable suggestions you guys might have done with yours.
  3. Mechanically, stock. Which is sufficient for my driving style 😂.
  4. I just saw a yellow 98 r34 gt-t for 34k on car sales. I suppose r34 gt-t are similar to sydney property prices lol. Who ever buys it- reallly wants it!
  5. That's why I asked the question. I found it difficult to find an r33 of similar condition to compare mine to and with a lot of the vehicles I've seen over the 10k mark, they have been mechanically modified so i can understand the asking price but they're not that neat looking. I'm not looking to sell mine but in the 13yrs I've had my car, this is the first time I've looked into the monetary value and after doing more research today, I can easily say, without prejudice, that she is immaculate so I'm rather stoked! Thank you!
  6. That's really helpful to know. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, Hoping you can help. I have a black R33 gtst 40th anniversary skyline. 2dr 5sp manual coupe. 105km on the clock. What's the current valuation on this car? Some sites value it between 7k-10k. Just want to check if thats a reasonable valuation. Cheers