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  1. It was a really nice way to say goodbye. I think we gave him a day he would be proud of. Im sure the burial and church were so far apart because he wanted us all to cruise down the M7 together.....well played, Nick!
  2. Nice Mark! you know what? We need to be done with the internal debates about spending money...I just break it down to a per use cost to make everything affordable
  3. Welcome Shannon! Very nice stable. Im not sure I’d ever be able to leave that gtsr behind
  4. Far out, Adz! This is unreal. how far away are you from getting the shell back? might send you a PM, need some recommendations for a few custom pieces. Im having a hell of a time finding parts.
  5. 94 180sx Fast Reliable Club Trackday Car With Rego - Nsw FOR SALE Love this thing, but need the money for other things. Would suit someone wanting to get into club level motorsport and learn about driving on a track, without putting your expensive GTR/Euro/whatever in harms way. It is one of those cars that literally has too much to list, but I’ll give it a go. Rego till July 1994 RPS13 1195kgs with 1/2 a tank S14 Motor S14 gearbox Makes 290rwkw on 18psi, pump 98. 270 16psi / 230ish 12psi Dyno sheets available Tuned by DVS Jez Power FC Z32 afm Alpha Omega/ Un1group cams Stock bottom end, with VCT still active GTX3071 (0.63) on a 6Boost manifold, Tial 44mm ext gate (plumb back or screamer) Lots of custom intake and exhaust pipe work Freedy intake plenum. Profec II boost controller Ducted Oil Cooler / remote oil filter / oil temp gauge. Power Steering Cooler Greddy extended sump Drivetrain: Nismo coppermix clutch S14 box, freshened up by Award KAAZ 1.5 way Mech centre 4.11 R200 (with 3.9 ring and pinion incl) 5 Stud conv. Brakes: R33 Brembos front, 2 piece rotors Winmax pads R33 gtst Rears, Winmax pads BM57 upgraded master cyl Suspension: Tein monoflex coil overs Various adjustable arms throughout Whiteline swaybars fnt&rear Worn bushes replaced Corner weighted for me @ Road2Race Body : Not a show car, but presents reasonably with no rust or damage. Nice and straight. OEM Type X front bar AND lip Glass 2 piece sideskirts. Interior: Good cond dash 4 point weld in cage Velo fixed back seat / Sparco harness RPM wheel Stripped of all carpet, rear seats etc etc PowerFC controller Oil temp gauge Wheels: Road : Nismo (RAYS) LMGT2 17x8 / 17x9 Federal RSR tyres Track: Grams Lights 57F 17x8.5 +22 with Michelin Slicks (plenty of life left, wrapped and stored) So I’m selling with a spare SR type front bar, Both sets of wheels, Spare torn down SR20det VCT motor suitable for rebuild / spares, lots of other little things I can’t remember incl pads, glass etc The car is garaged, and basically sits on a trickle charger 360 days a year. It is serviced as a track car would be, very frequent oil and filters, incl gearbox and diff. I am happy to let prospective buyers look over the car, I can do a compression test with you, I’ll put the car up on stands so you can look under it, ask me whatever. PLEASE don’t text me / call me and ask what the lowest price is. I will just tell you more than the price below. Price : $15,000 ono Call Liz 0414508002 Car located in Dural/Galston area I'll add some pics during the week.
  6. Ohhhhhh you are right!! I'm out of excuses! Might be fun to take the dr out!
  7. Love it!Man looking at that entry list, I wish I was going! Unfortunately I have to work next weekend!! next time!!
  8. I thought the trial was only offered to people who had historic rego already, not new applicants???? Ps I too got fooled by the thread revival!
  9. oh he's emailed back? Must have missed me Just shot him off a reminder email just now, hopefully I will get a confirmation soon so I can plan things... like leaving everything to the last minute.
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