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  1. Thankyou nizmo man and burger, So from the Gtr registry it confirms that is it a a series 2 or 2.5? but it has a series 1 dash? 😳 will look under the dash and see if there are any wires
  2. Hi everyone I just noticed something on my skyline and its got me confused, Im pretty sure its a series 2 but it seems to have a series 1 dash? what do you guys think? why would someone do this? or is it not a series 2? thanks
  3. Mat82

    thanks guys for the replies yes i would be doing most of the mechanical work, i had a 1993 lancer gsr awd turbo and just sold it recently, so i have a bit of experience with working on cars. my plan was to take my time and clean it up and then put it on historic rego scheme or the modified scheme if it still exists when its old enough. if i was to make an offer, it probably would be no more than $4000 as i know rust can be expensive to fix, and i dont have any skills in rust repair. i just need to find time to actually look at it, as its the only way ill know if its too far gone, or whether the cost of repairs would outway the cost of just getting one in better condition thanks again mat
  4. Hey guys Im currently looking for a r32 gtst. this is the one i am looking at as it is fairly close to me, it wouldnt need to be driven straight away, so i could fix it up. i feel that $5000 is to much and wondering what you guys would pay for it. i havent been able to look at it in person yet as ive been working, but the rust is a bit of a worry, especially after reading threads about other peoples rust problems these are the pictures he sent me of the rust. would you buy it if you could get it for the right price or avoid it like the plague thanks Mat