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  1. Never thought of that hey : ) cheers. Is just the wheel and the bolt the complete tension setup?
  2. I will probably have to purchase it (NEW) No wreckers near me would have one i dont think. Would just like someone to confirm with me that this is what i need. Or do i need more?
  3. Got it all looked at and replaced, bad throw out bearing. So i got a complete clutch kit installed. [emoji106]
  4. Hey guys, where can i purchase the tensioner arm/wheel? What exactly is the setup? Theirs nothing their and need the aircon going. : ) thank you.
  5. Humbla.. get out of here 😂
  6. Gts boy, its not being drivin at the moment, just waiting for a couple more pays until i take it into my mechanic, just want an idea of what it is.
  7. Dobz.. it doesn’t grind when clutch not in.
  8. When in neutral, i push clutch right in, and give it some revs. 3500-5000rpm it grinds. Even when its in a gear and clutch right in, rev and it grinds. And when driving, changing gears at high revs grinds. If i let revs drop to 2000-3000rpm its no worries. 1993 nissan skyline r33 GTsT. Manual, single turbo. RB25DET.