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  1. was chasing a miss when it was warm from 2500 to 3500rpm. tried a bunch of things, replaced the cas and its sweet now
  2. Supply and install Haltech Dyno tune BKR7E gap 0.45mm compression test Cyl1 - 115 Cyl2 - 105 Cyl3 - 130 Cyl4 - 110 Cyl5 - 110 Cyl6 - 122 - re-plumb lines and idle control correctly and rectify boost leaks block off bov modified cold side cooler to fit iac welded intake pipe up install Injectors and injector plugs install coil kit wired wide band to ecu
  3. Yeah decided to make it look less boy racer haha. Didn't want to push to hard with this setup. The engine is pretty tired haha
  4. time for an update....its been a little while. She now has : R35 GTR coils 600cc injectors haltech elite plugin ecu. Extreme Ceramic Button clutch Got it dynoed with DVS Tuning and it made 220rwkw on 12psi and 236rwkw on 18psi can't fault jez's work he's a champion and i cant thank him enough
  5. ok more of an update ...now has a hicas lock bar in, waiting on balljoints then it gets an alignment . but also i did a thing today.....
  6. Did a thing today .. after fitting and replacing some shit. (Uncut front bar and other random interior bits and mounting my stereo and gauges) give her a bath and went for a lap. Now just need : hicas eliminator, wheel alignment, ecu, tune and rego
  7. Got to spend some time in the shed tinkering tonight... did some rewiring and mods to my boost and afr gauges. And modded slightly an uncut s1 bar
  8. fixed the IACV hose that was butchered by previous owner, also have worked out it just needs an ecu and a tune to sort the other issues out, has new coils and plugs now as well
  9. repaired the cracked rim put the tyre back on and finally got it on all 4 rims again. just gotta do the front bar and bonnet and source a nistune and a tune and its rego tim
  10. 3d printed the plate to go in this hole. Takes 2 guages and a USB charger
  11. also since last time i was on here i have . replaced pod with factory air box, changed to led headlights, replaced drivers window reg, fitted a different steering wheel , 3d printed and mounted gauges, new head unit and mounted subs/amps
  12. Dug the rice line out over the long weekend...New bov charged the battery give it a wash found the leak in my rim.. put her back in the shed haha almost ready for rego again... 20190128_113932.mp4
  13. been meaning to get this video for a while but had to rewire and relocate the gauges , video-1531725824.mp4
  14. upon closer inspection of that hos. it goes to the idle control... and is made like this......
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