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  1. @RickyForte Thanks for the interest. I'm planning to just keep the stock wheel in place. People (in the US at least) think the R32 didn't come with an airbag. Well mine has one, and factory cup holders!
  2. When I first purchased my Oct 1991 R32 GT-R's air conditioner was great. Although now it's blowing fuse # 10 (10 amp). As soon as I turn on the A/C, it blows the fuse. I followed the steps for self-diagnosis without any error messages found. Here is the fuse that is blowing: The major load on that fuse is the magnetic clutch for the compressor... Any idea if I can simply replace the magnetic clutch? I can't seem to find one anywhere (I'm in the U.S.). Or, does the whole compressor need replacing?
  3. I have one too. Pretty rare. I saw one for sale on Goo net recently. You can track down which R32's have airbags by typing "airbag" into the form on the GT-R registry site. It says there are/were 343 of them. http://gtr-registry.com/en-bnr32-vin-table.php
  4. Hi all, I'm new here. Prior posts have been very helpful on other topics, but I can't find much about this. I bought a 1991 (series 2) R32 GT-R with a factory steering wheel with airbag. I have some concerns since the airbag is 27 years old, and because it's ugly. Fist of all, does anyone know about the quality / safety of these airbags? Do these early airbags have a lifespan? Do you think it's safer to keep it active or unplug it? Also, does anyone know if the R32 had an airbag indicator or warning light? All newer cars with airbags do, but I can't seem to find one on the R32. What I'd really like to do is swap the R32 steering wheel for a newer one with an airbag. Does anyone know if the R34 factory steering wheel would fit? I would need it to work with HICAS, the horn, and the airbag. I would love to put a R34 GT-R or GTT wheel (see below) on if everything would fit and work properly. Thanks!
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