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  1. oh nice, bet that set you back a pretty penny lol. Have to arrange something for the new year. Might be up that way around mid to late Jan with another club for a lunch day.
  2. ahh congrats mate. Will have to catch up sometime for a few drinks. I'm living down the coast now. What soobie do you have?
  3. Marc How you been?
  4. Dave How you been mate?
  5. Yeah, it's not a bad little car and I wanted something cheap on fuel cause I travel from the Coast to Brisbane everyday so yeah.
  6. The 31? Yeah, got it RWC. It lasted 3 days on the road before the Big End bearing went. Couldn't afford the re-build so sold it off in bits and salvaged a little money from it.
  7. Nah, no Line. Just a Satria GTi. My new little project car now. Been through a couple cars in the past two years lol. Had a Proton Wira which I was sharing with my Grandparents. Then got a Corolla, but that was written off in an accident 2 months back nearly now. So have the GTi now to play with. Living down the coast at Miami, finished up last day of work today so on hols for a few weeks now.
  8. lol How's it going mate?
  9. Goin off in here eh?
  10. smart arse lol
  11. What about you shane lol Just dont blow up the engine when you get it back
  12. Well like you said with the still got the room to go for more if you want it.
  13. least you got the go to go with the bling
  14. lol, that was shiny when i last saw it.