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  1. Roger  Overson

    Thanks Exactly what I thought, that it would be a bad design not to allow for that.
  2. What year does it fit? More important, is it for a coupe or 4 door ?
  3. Roger  Overson

    I am not trying to pull out a key. When the G35 pillar-less doors close, after the door shuts the window goes up 5 mm to go under the roof frame. When you open the door normally, the window instantly retracts those 5 mm to allow the door to open. So I am wondering, if the battery dies, how to get that window down those 5 mm, so thew door can be opened without breaking the window.
  4. Roger  Overson

    No dash mats for JDM unless some Jap company has them. What year Stagia?
  5. Roger  Overson

    How to open the door if the battery is flat is a thought that sprang to mind, so I wonder if anyone has had that happen and how did they get the door open? I cant imagine how the window can be made to drop enough, or does the window drop when battery voltage is not present?
  6. Roger  Overson

    Do another test, like this wet test
  7. Roger  Overson

    Its possible. You will need an air compressor with spark plug adapter to keep pressure on that cylinder you work on, or some method to stop the valves falling down into cylinder while you remove spring and seal. You also need a tool for compressing the spring to remove collets. I am just not sure you have a valve stem seal problem, and would check PCV valves, as already suggested. Is there a lot of carbon around the valve spring area, assuming you have ?
  8. Roger  Overson

    I started taking the glove-box out, but gave up as my old knees cant hack it accessing under that dash, apart from it being a bit tight down there and dark. Put it all back, and thought bugger it, put up with a few seconds of rasping noises. Anyone know a good audio installer that can make the factory steering wheel controls work with a 7" JDM Pioneer head unit? I have seen universal adapters for this purpose, and wonder if anyone tried them in the Skylines?
  9. Roger  Overson

    Nah mate, these are Volk 2 piece forged Racing wheels, cost around US$800 per wheel.
  10. Roger  Overson

    No disk, I ejected the navi disk from 2007, but it still runs through a test/check for disk. I wouldnt mind connecting to the new head aux in, wonder if its possible. Whats in the box aside from the drive anyway?
  11. Roger  Overson

    If the car needs it to run, how do the models without navi and this DVD drive manage? I bought a V35 with this unit, and it has a double DIN head unit installed, so this DVD drive is redundant, unless I can use it as a DVD drive into the aftermarkets head units aux input? Is that possible, or is disabling power to the DVD possible, because overtime I start the car I hear that unit going through its search for a disk, annoying. Or can the actual DVD drive unit be removed from the nav unit?
  12. Roger  Overson

    Whats with this page, no links are working, so why not just delete this thread
  13. Roger  Overson

    Heres our new car, we are first Aussie owners. Car came with theses wheels, looks like 9x18 front, 10x18 rear with 245/40 fronts, and 275/40 rears, looks cool. These Nankang tyres are hard as, so be getting replacements soon.
  14. Roger  Overson

    We are first Aussie owners 2005 V35 coupe Fats all round.
  15. Roger  Overson

    Please post a pic