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  1. Hey guys, I am new here and also Desperate for help. I am in Perth WA and am in need of a knock sensor or two for my 1990 toyota supra! the manufacture part number is as follows: 89651-30020 the connection the the harness is a dark green with a orange O-ring on the end of it (see picture). Thanks guys any help would be just unreal! sms me for a faster response! 0432979530
  2. yo this pic is NOT my car but it looks pretty much identical. ill get some of mine up soon mine is a tad bit not as shiny lol plus the from right had a prang before i got it. but 2 days of solid work and the inter cooler is now sitting at the right angle and the bar work is re welded haha. I desperately need the change the K&N air filter though .. i put that new MAF sensor on and it was like a new car for a day but the frigging oil from the K&N is already affecting the MAF again. so I am up for a new filter and MAF again already! HAH
  3. yeah i got some and ill get some more, cheers for the reply bro ill upload them soon! Also i found a MAF sensor from an import company in welshpool really helpful guys tbh. put it in and the car is like NEW! so relieved
  4. Hey guys, Checking in from Perth here, hope your all having a good one! would love any help or advice as this is my first supra (no I am not 16 and stupid) I am 32 and stupid hah I did post in the wanted section for a MAF sensor please let me know if I did everything right as I am also new to forums. Anyways the names Ash (1990supraturbo) hit me up! happy to help where I can as well
  5. Hey guys, signed up today in need of a working MAF sensor for my 1990 Supra I believe the part number is 22204-42011 PM me if you have one.
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