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    Unfortunately don’t have any pics of the fitment but it’s pretty close to flush. What sort of ride height are you at because mine is quiet low, I suggested raising it up a bit and then cambering the rears but he’s still under the impression that it’ll hit badly and probably damage the fenders
  2. Hi all, recently got a new set of wheels for my r33, 18x8.0+30 for the front and 18x9.5+35 for the rears, when shopping around these are the exact sizes two places recommend me for wheels also recommending 265s on the back, but after sorting a set of wheels with 265s for the rear and taking them to get fitted, the guy there says he won’t be able to fit them there too big, after putting them on they do seem to be rubbing the gaurd while stationary, but he says even raising it and rolling the guards it won’t fit, I was wondering how I would be able to get them too fit as these where the tyres recommended too me and after looking online a lot of people have been able to fit 265s and bigger on an r33