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  1. Scratch that.. I think it might be a bit of lost in translation but in the end the answer was " We dont have this nissan"
  2. PLenty of G35/37 owners installing. FOund a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2080122282231211/ In talking to a supplier in China now to see if its compatible.
  3. I would love that this would work. I don't share concerns that The Max raised about tapping into critical systems, a delay in the air con coming on would not be a deal breaker. Would it work as is, is the question. I looked at the Grom Audio Vline solution and after sending them many photos and a lot of back and forth they said their solution will not work with the Japanese head unit. This is a little different as it completely replaces it, but I would be concerned it would not work with the Bose setup. If someone has a spare 1k and wants to give it shot I'm sure many people would be very keen to hear the results as it looks a lot better than the tack on android setups that end up costing the same amount.
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