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  1. Coilovers and an LSD have been my favorite mods so far.
  2. D-Speed DS02 Front: 19x9.5 +25 Falken FK510 245/40 19 Rear: 19X10.5 +22 Falken FK510 265/35 19 Front fitment is great, no issues Rear offset not ideal, running -3 camber and had to cut up bumper bracket.
  3. Hey if you get stuck, I recently used a Japanese company to get pinouts for my V36. https://kiramek.com/en/wiring-data.html [email protected] Cost $16 I think but I got what I needed and translated into english.
  4. Ah appologies I'll try be more active in here haha I take it you have the 4was too? I've just got my hands on a z34 rear subframe, I'm looking at whacking that in to remove system and improve the diff bracing.
  5. Hey mate, I have this package fitted to my v36. The only issue I had was with the traction arms. I have the 4WAS version which use a longer mounting post on the subframe. I rectified this by adding in a spacer. I recommend buying the lock out bolts too and changing them while you're under there. https://au.gktech.com/z34-370z-v36-skyline-g37-eccentric-lockout-kit Any other questions let me know. Adam
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