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  1. Rubberducky84

    Want one of these ^^^ Thanks
  2. Rubberducky84

    Oh dang sorry. Yeah ill take $50
  3. Believe this is from a r33... not 100% sure. Not needed anymore. Has leather peeling on right hand side. Make a offer. Located in Sydney Cheers
  4. Rubberducky84

    Still available?
  5. Rubberducky84

    Hi guys, Has anyone parted ways with their xanavi unit and still have the tv tuner they want to part ways with? Or just the wiring plugs that go into the tv tuner? Im after the plugs really so if anyone is willing to chop out the wiring plugs for it if not in use or never will be id be happy to pay for them or the tuner with the plugs attached. Thanks
  6. Never mind just saw it haha
  7. After some RWD coilovers either as a set or just the rears if anyone is parting out a car or has them lying around. Just as a spare set. Thanks
  8. How much for the headlights? Including the high beam ones and the brackets? Thanks
  9. Rubberducky84

    I just need some info on if i just connect the ac controls in will i get the power for the unit or will i have to supply it power some other way thats all
  10. Rubberducky84

    I just want it for the touch screen controls and the look of them... thats pretty much it. I do have one that works and since its there id like to use it to fill up all the gaps nicely. Its only going to be used for the a/c controls and if i get bored ill rig up something to the tv tuner at a later date
  11. Rubberducky84

    Hi guys, Kinda new to all this and have the standard climate control in my series 2 stag. I want to put in the xanavi unit in and was wondering if this was possible by just wiring up the climate control to it to get the unit to work just for that or would more work be needed? If there is a wiring diagram for the unit that someone can post up that would be great or point me in the right direction. Thanks