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  1. Apparently. I was confused as to why it just shit itself but then remembered I mucked around with a switch that I found
  2. Didn’t realise many of you were wondering what happened. The car is fairly new to me and as I was mucking around with the car I turned on some form of a kill switch...the end.
  3. Nah champ had a full tank hahaha
  4. Well dont leave us hanging, tell us son. Haha it’s embarrassing as f**k
  5. Thanks for your help dude, but I found the problem.
  6. Just checked the engine bay, the air box and filter is all dry. Any way to check the AFM?
  7. Nah bud. The closes I went was in thin photo
  8. Hey fellas. Washed my r34 today with a pressure washer, drive home and 2 hours later I go to start it up and it idles at extremely low revs, the throttle won’t work and it stalls after 5 seconds of idle. Any idea will help greatly thanks
  9. Hey guys fairly new to the forum, as im buying parts for my skyline I'm selling the replaced ones pretty cheap. $50 per bumper Bomex rear w/ side skirts- $50 OEM plastic front w/o indicators -$50 Brisbane, Queensland more photos can be provided on request
  10. Jehsea

    Absolutely man that'll be great, I just sent you a message
  11. Yeah bud I'm looking at over fenders for the rear, not too sure whether to go 20mm or 50mm at the rear tho
  12. Hey guys, new to this forum. I've recently bought a R34 GT and looking at only cosmetic modifications until I can legally drive a Turbo Charged car
  13. Hey guys and gals, recently I bought a R34 GT at a amazing price but with cheap price comes cheap quality. The car came with a Bomex kit (which I'm personally not a fan of) so I thought I'd go all out and do a GTR conversion. I've bought all the bumpers, skirts and guards and as I was about to install the front bumper I learn the reo is different. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right path to finding a GTR reo or if anyone is selling one.